Chic-fil-a at 10:31

If you have never had a Chic-fil-a chicken biscuit for breakfast, you need to try one. When I first heard about them, it didn’t really sound that appetizing, but they are amazing. There isn’t a Chic-fil-a even remotely near my path to work so the only day I can really get them is on Saturday since they are closed on Sundays. I’m a slow mover on Saturdays but try to make it there from time to time. A key thing to remember is that they stop serving breakfast at 10:30. I got there about 10:20 today which was cutting it close. By the time I got my order and sat down it was right at 10:30. Over the next 10-15 min I saw eight people come in and try to order chicken biscuits only to be told that breakfast was no longer being served. At least two of the people left instead of ordering off the lunch menu. I’ve seen this happen a few times before and have done it myself. I can’t believe that a manager (or the corporation) hasn’t noticed that they have willing customers in the store who are walking out without making a purchase because they can’t get what they came for. They are loosing money (and ticking people off) by strictly enforcing their arbitrary cutoff time. There have been several times that I would have gone to a Chic-fil-a for breakfast, but I was cutting it too close and wasn’t sure if I could get there before they stopped serving. Since I got burned before, I wasn’t willing to risk it. Once again, Chic-fil-a doesn’t get my money, and I’ll bet there are a bunch of people out there that have the same thought process. All it would take is a smart manager to throw 10 or so biscuits on at say 10:25 to get the carry over. They can still say they stop serving at 10:30 but make sure you have some till about 10:45 to provide a graceful transition. When someone rolls up at 10:35, they can say, “Well, we stop serving breakfast at 10:30, but we’ve got a few more today.” That way, they make the sale, the person realizes they were pushing it, but leaves happy more often than pissed. Everybody wins. And if they end up with a couple that don’t sell, which I find unlikely on all but the rare occasion, they would still have made up for it in the number of additional sales and overall customer satisfaction.


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