Converting from Blogger to WordPress


A script called import-blogger.php came along with the default install of version 1.5.2 of WordPress. This didn't work on my system (which I'll explain in a sec), but after searching around I found a solution for importing entries along with their comments. I recommend you use that process if you want to do the same thing. I wouldn't be at all surprised if that becomes the next official version of the script. For those of you who want to use the one that comes with the default install you may run into a problem with a PHP setting called "register_globals". A lot of hosting companies turn that setting off for security reasons, but the import script expects it to be on. You should be able to change line 21 From this: switch ($action) { to this: switch ($_GET['action']) { in order to get the script to work in an environment with register_globals turned off. Once again, I would really recommend using the updated version.

It is setup correctly for register_globals and pulls comments as well.