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Show Notes 2020 12 21

### Notes

- Got Webmentions formatted on this site - Setup a local test version of the webmentions so I can see them when working locally. - Drew up the idea for making my Grimoire to Site publisher

### Links From The Stream

- /webmention.js/master/static/webmention.css - aaronpk (Aaron Parecki) - Adding Webmentions to Jekyll โ€“ Jordan Merrick - Aperture - Bridgy - CSS text-overflow property - fluffy rambles - gist:4b6e5dfa467a2774475bc72c0503a768 - GitHub: typer - Typer, build great CLIs. Easy to code. Based on Python type... - GitHub: webmention.io - Easily enable webmentions and pingbacks on any web... - GitHub: webmention.io - Easily enable webmentions and pingbacks on any web... - Google Search: css elipse - Google Search: css ex - Google Search: gimoire - Google Search: hugo aliases - Google Search: hugo random - Google Search: ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'dateutil' - Google Search: python grep files - Google Search: python timezone module - Google Search: see webmentions localhost - Google Search: webmention.min.js - How does Hugo aliases work? - support - HUGO - Hugo: Content Organization - Hugo: Content Sections - Hugo: shuffle - Imgur: The magic of the Internet - learning-go/README.md at master ยท bobrossrtx/learning-go - pytz - World Timezone Definitions for Python โ€” pytz 2014.10 documentation - RtPorpsite - Stack Overflow: Grep and Python - Stack Overflow: ImportError: No module named dateutil.parser - Stack Overflow: What is the value of the css 'ex' unit? - This Is How You Program - Twitter: @aaronpk (Aaron Parecki) - Webmention.io - What PyInstaller Does and How It Does It โ€” PyInstaller 4.1 documentation