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Keeping The Name And Starting The Blog - Journal For Dec 25 2020

Dec. 25, 2020

Christmas day.

I'm happy and content to be at the house by myself. And, even more looking at another week of PTO. It's nice to take a break.

I've been making a bunch of progress on ThisIsHowYouProgram.com](http://thisishowyouprogram.com). Several videos made and I scripted [Handbrake

In the early morning hours when I was drifting into consciousness, I was wonder if I got the title right. The two domains I bought were :

- ThisIsHowToProgram, and - ThisIsHowYouProgram

I got "To" first, then decided on "You". This morning, I was going back and forth on if I should change it. I'm going to stick with "You". At one level I don't think it matters that much. They're both pretty good. But, I was thinking folks are more likely to type "How do you program" into google instead of "How to program". Also, I like the idea that it's more like "You can program" instead of a generic "this is how to".

So, I'm going to run with that.

< br / >

I realized writing this that I should put up blog post style updates on the site. I'll add that today to. The other thing on the docket is to produce the first version of the site. I've got the directories setup to use Hugo but haven't fired it up yet. Jumping off to do that now.