Killing the IE Clicking Sound

I use Mozilla FireFox most of the time, but have to check stuff I’m working on in IE (since it has the vast majority of the market place). One thing that has alwasy bugged me is the “click” sound you get every time you go to a new page, or a page refreshes. Someone just told me the way to kill the sound. This works in Windows XP at least, but it may be the same for other Windows machines. - Under your “Start” menu, select “Settings” then “Control Panels”. -  Choose the “Sounds and Audio Devices” control panel and open it up. -  Select the “Sounds” tab inside the control panel. - In the “Program Events” scorlling window, Find the “Start Navigation” element under “Windows Explorer” and change it sound to “None”. You know, because, that was easy to find…

2006-08-31 22:30:34

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