New Year's Sunrise

I woke up early this morning for no good reason, but decided to use the time productively. Since it’s New Year’s day, I figured a nice way to start things off would be to head to the beach for sunrise. So, I did just that and took some photos.

Image: aws-20130101--0808-07a.jpg

Personal comfort must often be sacrificed in the service of getting a shot. That proved to be the case today. In order to get the nice reflection off the wet sand, I had to position myself below the tide line. It wasn’t too cold this morning, but it certainly wasn’t what I would normally consider “beach weather”.

I was shooting off a tripod which itself presented another photo opportunity. Here’s the meta photo of a camera taking a photo.

Image: aws-20130101--0837-02a.jpg

The water only ever got up to my shins. I could have gone deeper without much problem. My tripod wouldn’t have faired so well. Much farther and I’d have had to disassemble the thing to clean it. I wasn’t quite up for that today. Incidentally, if you want to buy me a present, the Gitzo Ocean Traveler would be nice. It’s designed for working on beaches and can be submerged. Of course, at two grand, it cost more than most peoples’ cameras.


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