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Variable Vivitar 283

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Variable Vivitar 283

David is in the process of setting up a 
light kit using ever reliable vivitar 283 
flashes. I think I've mentioned before that 
a 285 was my main strobe for several years. 
I've always used these flashes with their 
Auto setting where the flash figures out how 
much light it thinks the scene needs the provides 
that amount and cuts itself off. 

With David's talk of setting up the kit, I got 
to wondering if there was a way to control the 
light output so that you could have a consistent, 
controllable light burst. The goal being, for 
example, to setup two 283s pointed at umbrellas 
and dial one back a stop less than the other.

A quick google and I found 
<<link|this page|>> 
on high speed flash photography. While the topic 
is a little different, the solution looks like 
it'll work like a champ. The salient point on that 
page is number 5.

On a Vivitar 283, remove the Auto-thyristor module 
and plug a 100 k ohm variable resistor in the right 
two holes (as you are facing the strobe). You should 
then be able to dial in the amount of light you want 
the strobe to release with each flash. (I haven't tried 
this yet, but will soon. If you beat me to it, let me 
know if anything explodes.)

If this works, as I expect it will, I'm gonna end up 
buying a bunch of 283s. This will also make it easy 
for me to set them up someday when I start doing my 
infrared band photography.

<<link|Follow up: It works great!|pages/post-variable-vivitar-283-285-follow-up--20eloo1u/index.html>>

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