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Projects for the Blog

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Projects for the Blog

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Creating original content is time consuming. Sometimes easy and time consuming, sometimes difficult and time consuming, but always time consuming. In an effort to keep this blog alive in the periods when I'm not creating original work here (which has been most of the time recently), I decided to make regular posts with interesting stuff other folks created.

These posts will fall under two projects:

1. Four Links For {DAY} {MONTH}, {YEAR} - Inspired by <<link|O'Reilly Four Short Links|>> posts, these are simple collections of four useful, entertaining or otherwise eye-catching links I've stumbled across. They may or may not be related and will range from silly to super-geeky. 

2. Video For {DAY} {MONTH}, {YEAR} - A curated video collection culled from my bookmark archive. As with the Four Links For Project, content will vary wildly. About the only thing I'll avoid for the most part is depressing stuff. Beyond that: Remixes are in. Google Tech Talks are in. Music videos are in. Stupid Cat Videos are in. Robots are in. Anything that I've found entertaining, educational or both is in.

There's an inconceivable amount of content floating around on the web. These projects represent one way I filter a tiny part of it. Odds are good you've seen at least some of what I'll be posting. Hopefully, some of it will be new to you and enjoyable either way.

To get things started: <<link|Four Links for April 24, 2011]( and [Video for April 24, 2011 - Beastie Boys - Fight For Your Right - Revisited|>>.



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