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Elgato Stream Deck Fast Forward Hotkey for Microsoft Groove

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Elgato Stream Deck Fast Forward Hotkey for Microsoft Groove

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There doesn't appear to be a way to setup a Eltago Stream Deck button to fast forward songs playing in the Microsoft Groove app. Here's a quick way to build one yourself. 

1. Install the Super Macro action set from BarRaider. 
2. Drag a "Super Macro" action onto the button you want to use. 
3. Click the action to configure it. Set a title and then put this in the "Short-Press Macro" field:


4. Click on the Groove app to make it the front most (active) application and that's it.

As long as you keep it in front, the Stream Deck button will fast forward to the next song. (If another app because the active app, a `ctrl-f` will get sent to it instead.)

You can go here for <<link|other Groove shortcuts|>>.

I'm still messing around with a way to setup the button so that it doesn't matter if Groove is in front or not. This will get you started in the mean time.

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