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Neopolitan: Data Content Types

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Debugging Stuff

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        -- title

Neopolitan: Data Content Types

The other category of content types
is those based off data. The two types
of data I'm working with are JSON and YAML. 
Implementaiton is up to the rendering engine
Other formats can be made to work as well.

I treat the data content types as components. 
The section header defines what type of
component and the rendering engine expects
a payload that matches the defined format. 

For example:

-- code/

-- card

  "first_name": "Alan",
  "last_name": "Smith", 
  "website": "",
  "mastodon_url": "",
  "mastodon_name": "@TheIdOfAlan"

-- /code

This data gets passed directly in to the rendering
engine which, in my case, looks for a card template
and uses the JSON to create a "wc-card" web component
with the details filled in

-- categories
-- Neopolitan 

-- metadata
-- date: 2024-01-07 15:15:48
-- id: 2adpwugj
-- site: aws
-- type: post
-- status: published