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I Want A Personal Database


I want a personal, persistent database. My own thing, in my possession, and under my control that houses all my content. Access to specific parts and pieces available only to those I give explicit permission

It feels inevitable. And, like it's never going to happen. But, a little bit more the former.

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The General Idea


Debugging Stuff

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I Want A Personal Database

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I want a personal, persistent database. My own thing, 
in my possession, and under my control that houses
all my content. Access to specific parts and pieces 
available only to those I give explicit permission

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It feels inevitable. And, like it's never going 
to happen. But, a little bit more the former. 

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>The SOLID Project exists>> 
which basically covers all this. I'd forgotten about 
it while writing this up, but what the hell, I'll
post my version anyway

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The General Idea

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- A person database

- Can and does store anything and everything in both structured and non-structured
ways (based of what it is)

- Basically, whenever you interact with a service, 
you'd start with your database and then send it 
to them via a feed

- Lock down, but available everywhere to me

- Encrypt all the things

- Free and Open-Source

- More than just a database. Also a protocol for sharing
feeds of content

- No access to any part for anyone else without explicit 
permission given to access it

- Really good search and multiple ways to navigate to find

- Nobody gets to write to the root level. Everything is
partitioned into their own sections and access to 
each section is controlled independently

- Permission to read/write to any individual section can 
be given to arbitrary groups. (e.g you could have several
photos apps writing into one type of photos section and 
then distribute that to a few different aggregation 
services via feeds)

- Everybody's DB would have a credentials section
where each credential is locked down individually

- Ability to generate one-time/multi-factor credentials

- Each service would be responsible for the schema of their

- Schemas could be as strict as they like (e.g. a specific 
set of strongly typed content) or super loose (e.g. just
an ID and a blob of binary)

- Ability to have just write access to parts of the
database without read access (and ability to limit read
access to just portions of metadata)

- Sections would be versioned so migrations to add/remove
parts of schemas could occur

- No code execution, just a datastore. (Link, I'm thinking
you could use sqlite for this)

- A section that's a collection of uuid type ids that can
be used to verify you (e.g. a bunch of public/private key
pairs so you can have several that aren't tied together

- Open source schemas would exist as well. (e.g. a schema
for Mastodon post, music playlists, blog posts, videos)

- HTML blobs would be one data type. Let folks make pages
with whatever they want in them.

- Plugins for schema types (e.g. if your using some type
of video feed, various plug-ins could provide ways to do
text overlays on top of the raw video

- This is kinda a COPE (Create Once, Publish Everywhere)

- Provide for feed outputs that pull form the different
content types in the sections. (i.e. separate content
from distribution)

- Feeds can be made fully public, fully private, or 
anywhere in-between

- Store the raw assets

- CDN distribution of content

- Auto sizing of output content 

- Every piece of content would have a uuid

- Everything is done through feeds that have
their own access and distribution control

- Feeds would contain raw data as have the ability 
to send suggested displays. Thinking it would be kinda 
like sending an RSS feed with your own layout 
and CSS attached, but as separate things so 
folks could use it directly or use their own CSS
if they want. 

- Some feeds would only have the content and leave
it to the receiver to do the layout

- Make real time communication a thing in it

- Set up groups for messaging

- Save threads from conversations (e.g. metadata
connections between your content and other folks
content where it would point back to the external
UUID and also cache copies locally)

- Version all the content. UUIDs would be the base
and then some type of version number attached so
folks could link to the general ID and always
get the latest or back to a specific version (assuming
that's provided) It would have to be a thing, but
something you could opt into with a given feed

- Maybe someway for content without an ID? I'm not
sure about the privacy/security of this part, but
maybe that shouldn't be in the DB at all? Probably, 
there's some of that, and then some stuff that would
be distributed with only an ID and no metadata
identifying the author

- Aggregation and curation services would sit on 
top of the content, but always have IDs pointing
back to the source content ID and creator

- Mapping schemas would be a thing. e.g. if you have
music playlists in multiple formats (from different
services for example) maps could be made between
the IDs and used as your primary feed. (could bounce
into things like the international started 
recording code)

- I suppose at the top level it would be: your content
of different types, collections of metadata on that
content that can be mixed and matched, and feeds
from that metadata providing the content in the
specified manner

- Have centralized systems for aggregation, but make
it like mastodon where you opt-into them for where
you want to publish your content 

-- notes

- Again, >the SOLID Project>> is 
a thing where folks have though a lot more about this
than me. This is just me from the outside

- I firmly believe if we give tools to folks to
make more stuff, they will, and the more folks
making more stuff, the less angry we'll be
at each other an the better the world will be

- There's lots of hard problem in this wish list:
syncing, privacy, accessibility, and security (to 
name a few) are no joke. I'm not proposing solutions
just the experience I'd like to have

- The user interface to this thing would be no-joke
when it came to permissions. Not only am I'm not
trying to solve technical details here, I'm not
digging into user interface really either

- Yes, there are some parts up there that and contradictory

- This is mainly an exercise in thinking about 
moving ownership and control of data from companies 
back to ourselves 

- Yeah, this opens up security issues, but it feels
like it's no worse than having all your content
spread across services that are using it and selling

- The single point of entry is a bit scary, but is 
it any worse than if someone gets into your email?

- I have no idea how you'd deal with credentials
and resetting them. I supposed it comes down
to you having to trust someone, but that's already
the case

- Syncing and replication are hard problems

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