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Highlight The Current Line Of Text In Neovim With A .lua Config File

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vim.o.cursorline = true
vim.o.culopt = 'line'


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Highlight The Current Line Of Text In Neovim With A .lua Config File

I saw TJ DeVries streaming on Twitch with Neovim setup to 
highlight the current line of text. It made it easier to 
see where the cursor is when jumping around a file. I updated
my `~/.config/nvim/init.lua`` file with these lines to turn
on the highlighter.

-- code
-- lua

vim.o.cursorline = true
vim.o.culopt = 'line'

-- notes

- I've never been a fan of highlighted lines. They 
tend to add so much contrast they are distracting. But, 
I think it'll be easier for chat to see on stream. 

- The line highlight I have now is actually working nicely. I've
got a transparent background and the line color is very close
to the base background. The effect is that you can see the 
image I have for the background everywhere except for the
current line. It's very pleasant.

- The `vim.o.cursorline = true`lua` is what turns the 
lighting on. Using `vim.o.culopt = 'line'`` sets up 
the highlight to only show in the content section and not
on the line numbers. I like that look better. 

-- ref
-- title: TJ DeVries on Twitch
-- url:

-- ref
-- title: Neovim Help: cursorline
-- url:'cursorline'

-- ref
-- title: Neovim Help: cursorlineopt
-- url:'cursorlineopt'

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