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Site TODO List 2023

TODO: Pull subtitle into page object

Debugging Stuff

I'm moving stuff around right now. All this below is helping me figure out where to put stuff

        -- title

Site TODO List 2023

-- todo

[] Update the grimoire_to_site file mover to look 
at the `type`` of each document and determine what
to do with it from there. For example, `post`` types
go to the `posts` directory with the file ID in them. 
Docs with a `neo`` type could go to a `neopolitan`

TBD on if those files should have IDs on
them. It strikes me as looking a little odd in sub
directories in a way it doesn't for the posts directory, 
but I think that's just visual. So, TBD on if the IDs
will be used, but I'm leaning towards yes since that's
how linking will work across the majority of the site. 

[] Setup a way to manage index files in the grimoire. 
Proabably also using type. Don't do anything automatic
but set the process up directly so that e.g. `neo-index``
goes to `neopolitan/index.neo``

In theory you could do `-index`` for anything, but it's 
probably that not all types will have their own directory
in the same fashion. So, best to define the behaviour 

[] Handle `-> startcode`neo` to `-> endcode`neo` sections

[] Setup so `\n\n-> `` can handle lines with spaces

[] Figure out how to handle things like the band names
page that needs processing to make it happen. I'm 
thinking that there would be a single overall watcher
that triggers other processes. Or, possibly just 
build everything into the single process?

It can't just be sending the file to another location
because processing needs to happen. That could
all be done client side with java script, but I'd
prefer everything to be rendered during the build
process where possible

Maybe there's a `process`` attribute that defines
what process to run

[] Think about adding a `location`` attribute
the puts a file in a specific location. This could
be used instead of making a `type`` for each index
page. And probably just makes sense in general 
to put pages in specific places. 

[] Make a `gifs` type and output to a `gifs`

[] Setup so notes with a `scratch`` status don't
show up in the main list but show in a separate

[] Setup so you can make lists of all the files
with a filter that offers: type, status, category, and 
sort order (e.g. alpha or date or reverse date)

[] Figure out the solution for category pages (probably

-- categories
-- Site 

-- metadata
-- date: 2023-07-01 19:53:35
-- id: 2rzayhsx
-- site: aws
-- type: post
-- status: draft