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I'm in the process of moving my site. It's still a work in progress. Please excuse the mess and broken links.

Neopoligin Roadmap

TODO: Pull subtitle into page object



Next Steps These are under strong consideration for the next steps

Follow Up

These are thing that'll probly happen

Maybe Never

This is a collection of brainstorming ideas. Most of them will probably never see the light of day.

Debugging Stuff

I'm moving stuff around right now. All this below is helping me figure out where to put stuff

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Neopoligin Roadmap

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-- todo 

[] no changing of paths. the system is setup
so all directory structure is done on the 
source content file system

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-- todo

[] Add refid and refids sections. Maybe those
should be updated by the binder? Might conflict
so probably a secondary tool for that

[] Setup redirects

[] Finish putting in all sections for neopoligin

[] Setup `- - show`` attributes for neopolitan 
elements (html, css, js)

[] Fix issue where you can't have lines on top
of each other in JS/CSS code

[] Setup different page types in neopolitan

[] Add draft heading to template in neopolitan

[] Make checklists work

[] Make category capitalaztion not matter

[] Get todo lists working

[] Syntax highlighting

[] Setup so that auto-generated IDs for things like
lists are based off a hash of the page so they don't
update the page every time something is run. Goal is
to make it easier to see what actually changed 
between pushes

[] Figure out how to handle sections that are 
unknown. Probably just dump the contents
as paragraphs? Or, make them invisible?

[] setup so if there isn't text behind
a tag, it doesn't eat the next one

[] Add file output details to binder

[] Build RSS sites via config. (e.g. everything
or things of categories, or things with custom
configs of types, categetories, dates, etc...)

[] Handle tags that span multiple lines

[] Make full allow list for nonce- words 

[] Add a quotes section

[] Setup so code sections and results 
sections have a central wrapper so 
they can be displayed together

[] Add the ability to add a literl `\n`` in text
that turns into a `<br />``

[] Figure out what to do for OpenGraph Images.
Maybe setup so you can just drop it in the 
content directory and it'll line up properly.
It there's not one there it can default back
to a central one and pass params for things
like cloudinary. Maybe setup in a template 
to start for the intial thing

[] Add startnote/endnote

[] Prevent writing out a directory if
you accidentaly put one in instead of a
full file path. Otherwise you won't 
be able to overwrite it to fix it without
manually deleting the errant folder

[] Make sure only alphanumeric characters 
show up in the urls

[] Flip tag order so tag name is first

[] Setup linking by page id

[] Add `show`` attributes to css and script
sections that output the text in code blocks 

[] Add a `-- groups`` category that
let you automatically add links to
all the files in a group on the 
corresponding pages with the current 
page not linking to itself

[] Add the ability to have a link title that shows up
on incomding links that's different for the title
displayed on the page. This is so you can have templates
that cover part of the name. For exampmle, in `stills``
the goal is just to have the name of the source but incoming
links should say something like "Stills from the movie hackers"
in the list of posts. 

[] Setup to use code fences in list items

[] Include raw text in page data for things like
showing raw code samples.

[] Setup the config section so it can be json
or yaml or kdl or whatever

[] Move the attributes parsing from textarea to 
be global

[] Clear file hashes of files that are no longer
in the mix to avoid a cases where you changes
something back and it doesn't get picked up

[] Add a slug field? or should that just be the 
file path? probably that

[] Setup so there things start with a 
paragraph section if there's no section to start?
Maybe not? Thinkging about test cases, but 
the parsers would need to know what section
they are in in order to parse stuff. Like, 
you can't have content that's ouside of a section
because, for example, you wouldn't know if it
was in a code section or a start end code section

[] Add `-- description`` maybe for page
metadata? Maybe that should just be the blurb?
Or description would be plaintext?

[] Cache content parts for each file and 
use the caches if the file hasn't changed

[x] Setup `-- export`` output files. This is 
more the mover than the engine, but it's
something to document in terms of the 
overall functionalty

[] Fall back to a default template if
the requested one isn't there. 

[] Make `-- start/endscript`` so that
dashing inside the script don't cause
neo to freak out and think it's
another section

[] Add startnote/endnote

[] Create an attribute for code blocks
to `cd`` into a specific directory 
before running them

[] Make a `-- highlights`` section

[x] Turn on HTML escaping for code blocks

[] Setup tabs sections with tabs/endtabs
and individual tab section in between (or
something like that)

[x] Get images working

[x] Have a single images directory that can
have multiple sub directories. Match by 
filename first for any call. Also provide
a way to match by the full subpath for times
when their might otherwise be naming conflicts. 
When rending, warn if there's a name collision
for images

[] Panic on a page if there is more than
one id

[] Panic on a page if there is more than
one title. 

[] Add tabsets where the tabs house blocks
of content. There should be a 'title' attribute
that sets the name of the tab. maybe there's
a starttabs/endtabs? that seems like it would
make sense

[] Setup a cd attribute for code snippets
to run them in a specific directory

[x] Don't requrie file extensions for images 
(which makes them easier to copy on operating
systems where clicking to rename doesn't select it)

[x] Clean up image URLs

[] Download external images

[x] Convert image calls from markdown/org-mode
to neopolitan

[] Insure that the first title wins if there's
more than one on the page

[] See about creating table of contents 
on pages from heading. Might be able to 
do it with basic sending. If not, figure
out what needs to be sent

[] Make `-- startWhatever/endWhatever`` tags
to allow nesting of anything

[] setup for multiple dashes for section 
starts for open/close tags

[] Move output of things like collections 
of lists to the content files maybe? not 
sure if that would make sense or not. 
Probably only if they would need
to go in between content, but probably 
for the home page it would make sense

[] Setup error messages (e.g. if you have
an opening &lt;&lt; without cloging it

[] Delete content when it's removed 

[] Look at this to see if it might 
help with auto reloading:

[] Test all variants of attributes that
have explicit options

[] Look at custom_syntax in minijinja for
custom separators for a different look

[] Setup so you can define what stylesheets
get used by a file by an array of names (
or default back to whatever is in the template
if there isn't anything set) - should
also be and additive version where you just
append to what's on the template?

[] Assemble the style sheets into a single one?

[x] Drop styles inline into the head of the 

[x] Create secondary tool (prepneo) to migrate 
content into reference structure

[x] Move all files. Not just neo files

[x] Remove `.`` and `'`` from url slugs. (and check
for anything else that's not a letter or

-- h2

Next Steps
These are under strong consideration for
the next steps

-- todo

[] Add a `caption`` attribute to images. 

[] Setup an `alt`` section (or something like
that, that lets you write alt tags for inline
images and then reference it so it's easier 
to write. 

[] Figure out how to do both captions and
alt text for images. Probably use the 
section text area for alt text then 
use an attribute for the caption. The idea
is they won't need formatting and will 
be shorter

[] Make global reference with IDs so you don't
have to repeat them

[] Allow extra dashing on section start lines
for better visualization of nesting

[] Setup `-PIPE_HEREclass: alfaPIPE_HERE`` style markers for
list items to apply styles to the `li``

[] Set up prepneo to only update files
that change

[] Add the `linkPIPE_HEREid:xxxxx`` so links link up

[] Add syntax highlighting with 

[] Setup to ignore lines with nothing but dashes
in them so they can be used in the text files for
visual separation without having any effect 
on the output

[] Setup file link lists so they can be done with multiple
categories, types, and, dates in both and
additive and subtractive manner. Probably 
a little JSON object would work. The subtractive
stuff comes last to remove stuff as the last 

[] Figure out what tables are going to look
like. Maybe there's two versions. One where
you don't need attributes per call and 
one that provides that?

[] Handle a third "other" state in todo lists (
e.g. `[phase2]``)

[] Add a config section that let you pass arbitrary
key/value pairs to the template rendering engine

[] Create category link lists

[] Create type link lists

[] Create global references so you can 
add multiple footnoes from a single source
via a reference

[] Auto-generate category pages

[] Compress/Minify/TreeShake CSS as an 
option (see:

[] Review how OG images are handled

[] Send data to templates for OG tags

[] Switch to an allow list for url names

-- h2

Follow Up

These are thing that'll probly happen

-- todo 

[] Setup process to configure redirects from 
one id to another one

[] Setup to automatically jump to whatever page
is being update via a live reload

[] Build RSS feeds with weekly, etc...

[] Pull alt-text from image metadata

[] Consider using this for moving list items
down/over a level `-+``. TODO would be
go figure out how to do that with code
blocks which shouldn't move over a level

[] Maybe inside lists there's a special set
of sections for `--+ startcode`` and 
`--+ startdiv``. Those two might be enough
to get you what you need

[] For images, put alt text as an attribute
and caption as the body undreneath because
the caption can have other HTML in it

[] Switch to loading attributes in the 
body on parsting too. It doesn't have to 
be output. it just makes it avaialbe 

[] Standardize the date format

[] Set up a way to show preview files without 
marking them as published or putting them on 
the site. Maybe that's making a 'preview'
status becuase it would be up to a previous 
process to move them into a place where you could
see them at all. 

[] Auto commit the repo and deploy on changes via
a config option to turn that feature on

[] Setup a directory specifically for binaries to 
use (e.g. beyond just the system stuff). Set that up
as the first thing in the path when trying to run 
stuff. Goal would be to make something like "gallery"
that would load in all the images from a directory of
the same name in the same folder and then create json
for them that goes to the widget templates. `-> ext

[] Setup a server that can be used for localhost
testing with live updates so you don't have
to use browsersync. 

[] Add ability to reference the code of one
section inside a code block without having
to duplicate the code. 

[] Auto generate redirects files that watch for
url changes for ids

[] Create a report page showing stats on 
the build (off by default unless you turn
it on in the config)

[] Prettier style formatting

[] Add alt text to canvas

-- h2

Maybe Never

This is a collection of brainstorming ideas.
Most of them will probably never see the 
light of day.

-- todo

[] Make a prettier style definition for spacing

[] Setup a config file to define what attributes
can be used. Not sure if this is worth it or
not, but it would allow for error checking. 

[] An image browser that give you the filenames
to copy paste into posts. Could have search too

[] Setup a bunch of things like Alpine, D3, P5,
etc... so they can be turned on for a page with
a config flag

[] Write up how to use ngrok and the other one
to serve a site 

[] A way to add blocks inside inline tags?
Something like `-- code/`` that would let you 
then put the content of another block in it.

[] Generate lists of all references inside
each category and create a page with 
just those references. Primary idea is
for bookmarks, but would be useful 
across the board. Could also do one 
for every ref on the site. 

[] If you run the command in an empty directory
have it drop in all the default stuff

[] Redirect removed pages to the home page?

[] Generate 404 page with random or highlighted
links on every generation

[] Tweak things to make it move faster 

[] Consider pulling last updated values from 
a git repo?

[x] Setup to do single file updates 
independently from full site updates

-- categories
-- Neopolitan 
-- Neopolengine

-- metadata
-- date: 2023-07-08 19:50:16
-- id: 2sjmqrqr
-- site: aws
-- type: post
-- status: published