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Avoid Accidentally Clearing Text From An iTerm2 Window

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Avoid Accidentally Clearing Text From An iTerm2 Window

Every now and then I'd hit a key combination in iTerm2
that would clear the text off the screen. It was still
there. It would just be mostly invisible. I couldn't
figure out what I did or how to get it back. 

The issue was accidentally 
hitting <<kbd|CTRL>><<kbd|k>>. The solution I'm using is to 
tell iTerm2 to ignore that key combo. This is
done in the preference under the "Keys" section
in the "Key Bindings" tab. 

Click the plus to the left of "Presets..." which
opens the dialog where you can set the key.

I didn't run into that issue often, but it was
jarring when I did. Especially on stream. Now, 
I don't have to worry about it. 

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-- title: With tmux on OSX, how can I make command+k clear more gracefully -- Answer
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This is the post that got me to the solution. It suggests
remapping to a different clear command. 

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-- title: Note on redrawing tmux
-- url:

This answer mentions you can use <<kbd|LEADER>><<kbd|r>> to 
redraw the screen in tmux. (Where LEADER is <<kbd|CTRL>><<kbd|b>>
by default)

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