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Neopolitan ScratchPad Testing

TODO: Pull subtitle into page object
print("asdlfkj asdlfkj sdf")
asdlfkj asdlfkj sdf

Debugging Stuff

I'm moving stuff around right now. All this below is helping me figure out where to put stuff

        -- title

Neopolitan ScratchPad Testing

This file contains the latest of whatever
it is I'm testing for neopolitan

-- code
-- python

print("asdlfkj asdlfkj sdf")

-- results/

asdlfkj asdlfkj sdf

-- /results

-- categories
-- Neopolitan 

-- metadata
-- date: 2023-10-21 22:19:43
-- id: 2x6ezmpa
-- site: aws
-- type: draft 
-- status: published