Browsersync Command To Browse Directories

This is the command I run to launch a quick Browsersync session to serve a directory of files that shows indexes. `ngrok`` can be added to the mix to let you share files easily with someone else.

browser-sync . --watch --directory --no-notify
  • This serves up the current directory you're in. Changing `.`` to some other path would serve that instead.

  • The `--watch`` flag watches for file changes and updates the browser accordingly

  • The `--directory`` flag is what sets Browsersync to serve a listing of files instead of a 404 if there's no index.html file

  • The `--no-notify`` flag turns of a notificaiton alert that shows up on the browser when an auto update occurs

  • Make sure to only serve directories you intend to if you use ngrok. (I mean, you should do it anyway, but especially if you're letting other folks see things)