My Prism Plugin Options For Syntax Highlighting


I use Prismjs for syntax highlighting. This is the list of plugin options I use when downloading it for a new project:

  • Copy To Clipboard - For the button to copy code

  • Custom Class - Provides the ability to prefix Prism classes to namespace them

  • Line Highlight - To call out specific lines

  • Line Numbers - For showing where things are in the file

  • Normalize Whitespace - Removes trailing and leading whitespace

  • Toolbar - This is what makes Copy To Clipboard work


The languages I'm using are:

  • Markup + HTML + XML + SVG + MathML + SSML + Atom + RSS

  • CSS

  • C-like

  • JavaScript

  • AppleScript

  • Bash + Shell

  • Django/Jinja2

  • Markdown

  • JSON + Web App Manifest

  • Python

  • React JSX

  • Rust

  • Ruby

  • SQL

  • YAML

All that makes a 62k JS file. at some point I'll narrow that down and only call what's needed on specific pages, but for now it's fine.


I'm using the _Tomorrow Night__ theme until I get around to finding another one.

To Investigate

I haven't used these yet, but they look very interesting.

  • File Highlight - Loads an external file and highlights it

  • Diff Highlight - Highlights changes in code