Reduce Flickering In Emacs Helm Searching Using Async Sources

I'm using async calls to Meilisearch for searching in my grimoire. It works great but causes a lot of flickering in helm for emacs which clears the page between each call before repopulating it with the results.

One way to slow it down a bit is to set:

(setq helm-input-idle-delay 0.2)

That variable defaults to `0.01`. Slowing it down means calls are only made at the slower interval. That doesn't eliminate the flashing but it slows it down.

I'm posting that here for reference even though I'm not using it. I'd rather have the flashing than the delay of the response.

You can use `C-!` to toggle pausing helm searches. It might be possible to hook off of that somehow to reduce the flickering by pausing updates and only running them when changes to the data actually show up.