Short Versions Of Harvard Sentences

This is a collection of Harvard Sentences cut down to just a few words. I uses these for testing to differentiate tests while keeping things short.

Add salt 
Fry the egg
Set the lamp
Beat the dust 
Breathe deep 
Smell the piny air
Bring your best compass 
Cap the jar
A tight brass cover
Crack the walnut 
Sharp side teeth.
Cut the pie 
Dip the pail 
Let it settle
Draw the chart 
Heavy black lines
Drop the ashes
The worn old rug
Fasten two pins
Fly by night
Waste little time
Glue the sheet 
The dark blue background
Greet the new guests 
Leave quickly
Guess the results
The first scores
Hang tinsel
Heave the line 
The port side
Help the weak
Preserve their strength
Hoist it up
Take it away
Hold the hammer 
Drive the nail
Hurdle the pit 
The cork target
Keep the watch constant
Warmth and comfort
Lift the square stone 
The stone fence
Loop the braid 
Mark the spot 
A sign painted red
Open the crate
Don't break the glass
Open your book
The first page
Pack the kits
Don’t forget the salt
Paint the sockets
A dull green
Pick a card
Pile the coal 
The shed corner
Pitch the straw
The stable door
Pour the stew 
The blue plate
Tack it down
Raise the sail
Steer the ship
Say it slowly
Make it ring 
Woven straw mats
A thick paper bag
Say nothing
Shut the hatch 
Slide the catch
Open the desk