Get Crop Of Black Bars In One Line

This crops off black bars automatically.

TODO: write up notes on how it works and put in example without the gif stuff

TODO: Put in `-ss 30` or the like at the start since opening splash screens may not have the bars

ffmpeg -i "input.mp4" -t 1 -vf cropdetect -f null - 2>&1 | awk '/crop/ { print $NF }' | tail -1 | xargs -I{} ffmpeg -ss 25 -t 9.2 -i "input.mp4" -vf "{},fps=11,scale=380:-2:flags=lanczos,split[s0][s1];[s0]palettegen=max_colors=52[p];[s1][p]paletteuse" -y "output.gif"