Tint An Image With The Node Sharp Module

Install sharp with:

npm i sharp

Then do something like:

const sharp = require('sharp')

async function tintImage() {
  const inputPath = 'source.jpg'
  const color = '#372831'
  const outputPath = 'output.jpg'
  await sharp(inputPath).tint(color).toFile(outputPath)


Here's the one that I use to make random color show art for my podcast. It checks to make sure the file doesn't exist before making one with a random color. That way I can delete any I don't like and rerun the process to make new ones without messing with the existing ones I do like.

#!/usr/bin/env node

const sharp = require('sharp')
const fs = require('fs')

async function makeImage(indx, show) {
  const outputPath =
    show === 'a'
      ? `output/ThePodOfAlan--S1-E${indx}a--MainShow--ShowArt.jpg`
      : `output/ThePodOfAlan--S1-E${indx}b--AfterShow--ShowArt.jpg`
  try {
    if (!fs.existsSync(outputPath)) {
      const color = `#${Math.floor(Math.random() * 16777215)
        .padStart(6, '0')}`
      console.log(`Using ${color} for: ${outputPath}`)
      await sharp('source.jpg').tint(color).toFile(outputPath)
  } catch (err) {

for (let i = 1; i < 17; i++) {
  makeImage(i, 'a')
  makeImage(i, 'b')