Moonlander Keyboard Notes

  • There are 72 keys on the moonlander (8 of which are on the thumbpads)

  • Original keys where Kailh Speed Silver. There'a little too fast.

  • Second set of keys from June 2021 were Cherry MX Browns on them. I like them a lot better. Might try some clicky keys as well

  • Keys on the keyboard are all `OEM Row 3` - Visual here:

  • Early June 2021 - ordered some Kailh Box Red linear switches to play with

  • June 2021 - ordered some speed gold, speed bronze, and box jade key switches to play with

  • Current set of switches:

  • July 2021 - Added o-rings to try to reduce travel distance and recude the abrubt stop at the bottom

  • July 2021 - Switched out Cherry MX Browns for Kailh Speed Golds and doubled up on the o-rings to reduce travel

  • Sometime after that, moved to Kailh Box Reds with double o-rings on one of the moonlanders. I think the box keeps the double o-rings from working quite as well as they could for reducing the depth of the press. Going to get cherry mx re ds which don't have the box to try them.

  • August 2021 - Tried Cherry MX reds, but didn't like them, the keys have more wobble than the box reds.

  • August 2021 - I took of the o-rings (both of them) and I'm trying it with out them. I liked it with two of them, but I don't think that really reduced travel because of the box. The thing it did do is to make the keycaps fall off from time to time. (I think the the o-rings did soften the hit a little which I liked)

  • Later: Went back to one o-ring. Still looking for soemthing to reduce key travel and soften the key hit

  • September 2021 - Tried going back to the regular cherry reds again and definitely don't like them as much as the box reds, even with two o-rings on them. Going to order one more set of o-rings and try them with 3 jsut to see what's that's like. I expect I'll end up with the boxes again.

  • What I'm really after is the feel of the box, with a softer bounce and reduced travel. Might have to try the speed silvers again?