Neopolengine Categories

Work In Progress

I know I want categories. This is where I'm collecting my thoughts to decide how to build the functionality

  • Send the full set of categories for every files so the template can choose which one to use

  • Generate categories so logic can be applied in the engine and the template can just render (something to be looked at later if optimization seems necessary)

  • Identify what position files are in different categories so previous/next links can be generated.

  • Setup previous/next links for each page. Logic for that will start in the code and then check to see if there's an easy way to move to a config

  • Would have to encode logic to decide how prev/next works if a page is in multiple categories

  • Could actually apply previous/next based off template, e.g. if it's a `neodocs`` file the prev next comes from a list dedicated to that.

  • Would want a flag to prevent files from showing up in a category list (e.g. the home pages) Or, maybe the idea would be to split out to a different template? That's probably easier to deal with.

  • Feels like using the `-- type`` attribute as the base makes the most sense.

  • Could get fancy later and do something like setting a cookie or query string if someone hits a page from a category listing and then dynamically switch the prev/next to be in that category instead of the overall type.

  • That would deal with multiple categories too.

  • Consider setting up an explicit order config. For example, to setup the first N number of pages in the `neodocs`` then let the rest of them filter in? Or, would the list just be explicit? probably the later