The Next Twenty Years

My site is twenty years old.

Realizing that got me thinking about the next twenty. That's where Neopolitan started.

I've done a dozen content migrations. I never want to do another one. I also want to harness the power of HTML without having to hardcode it. So, I'm building a thing. It's proving useful to me. If you'd like to play with it, I hope you find it useful as well.


  • I'm building a prototype static site generator for neopolitan. It's what I'm using to build this site. It will eventually be generic, but right now there's a lot of hard coding. The source code is here if you'd like to dive into it: Neopoligin Source Code

  • I'm including just about all the standard HTML elements as sections or inline tags. You can see the lists here:

    Neopolitan Sections

    Neopolitan Inline Tags

  • My primary goal for Neopolitan is to produce the HTML for my site. However, I'm not defining a specific output. I'm using an AST style reference for the spec and using templates downstream to produce the HTML.

    The files for spec are current located here:

    Neopolitan Spec Files