Setting Up Images For Preview in nvAlt

These are notes from: here

Best Method

Update the HTML preview template at:

~/Library/Application Support/nvALT/template.html

to add this line in the HTML `<head></head>``

<base href="file:///Users/alans/Dropbox/grimoire/_images/">

Note the trailing slash is required to get it to work right.

This will let you post image like this:

![alt text](example.jpg "title")

To prevent alt text from showing up in the preview, simply leave the square brackets blank.

![](example.jpg "title")

Alternate Methods

Drag and Drop

If you drag and drop an image on nvAlt, it'll create a reference with the proper path filled out.

Full Path

Putting the full OS path to an image works. For example:

![alt text](file:///Users/alans/Desktop/example.jpg "title")

Per-File Base Folders

You can add header info to a nvAlt File. The image root path for any given file can be set this way. The following has to be the first line with a single empty line after it:

XHTML Header: <base href="file:///Users/alans/Desktop/">