Window, Session, Tab, Pane, Buffer, Split Cheat Sheet for Neovim and tmux

Neovim and tmux have all kinds of options for making and navigating various texts and terminals. This is my cheat sheet for the way I'm navigating around all of them.

I'm not trying to capture everything, just get the things that I need to do at any point in time.

(Currently a work in progress)

Create An Initial tmux session

This creates an initial unnamed tmux session and splits it into some panes and shifts them around. (This is the layout for my stream setup)

tmux          # Launch tmux

LEADER-%      # Split vertically

LEADER-"      # Split horizontally

MOUSE         # Resize panes

nvim          # Launch vim

:tabe         # create new vim tab

:e            # choose file to edit

CTRL-h        # Move around and
CTRL-j        # in between tmux
CTRL-k        # and vim panes via
CTRL-l        # vim-tmux-navigator

LEADER-c      # Create new tmux window

LEADER-n      # Next tmux window
LEADER-p      # Previous tmux window