A Bright New Light Bulb Idea

Innovation in light bulb design continues apace. The leading example is variable color, smart phone controlled LED lights. Yes, seriously^1^^. Even incandescents, the dinosaur of light bulbs, are evolving.

Traditional incandescents work by suspending a little piece of tungsten inside a vacuum.

A new technique recently hit the scene. Instead of a filament, a smaller halogen bulb is wired inside the main bulb.

Illumination, Russian Doll Style.

There is also a hole in the screw cap. This would prevent a traditional incandescent from working, but the halogens don't need an external vacuum. My guess is that this acts as a pressure valve or ventilation. Whatever the case, it certainly looks intentional.

This whole hybrid-halogen concept looks like someone ended up with a ton of surplus halogen bulbs and said, "Hey, what if we jury-rigged these inside of a standard bulb?" and everyone laughed. Until they did it and it worked.

Definite points for creativity.


Philips Hue - Personal Wireless Lighting

"The bulbs, the bridge and the app will change the way you use light. Forever. Experiment with shades of white, from invigorating blue/white to cozy yellow/white. Or play with all the colors in the spectrum."