All Unicode Characters On One Page

None of the Unicode character sites I've seen show them all on a single page. That's understandable. There's 126,686 of them. But, I still wanted it.

  • Fair warning: the first time you generate the page it can take several seconds and tends to bog down and occasionally crash the page. I usually get a "Page Unresponsive" warning, but clicking "Wait" does let it finish.

  • There will likely be a fair number of characters that don't show up. That' all based on the fonts available on your machine.

  • Clicking on a character copies the hex value for it to your copy/pasteboard and adds it to the list in the textarea below

When you're ready, click the button and the page will load the full set.

  • What renderers is dependent on the fonts on your machine

  • I've got large swatches where nothing renders. Not sure if that's font related or if stuff haven't been defined there yet

  • These are all characters from 0x21 to 0x1eeff

  • Characters 0x00 to 0x20 are invisible spaces and control characters. I didn't include them

  • I stopped at 0x1eeff since that's the last one referenced in the W3C Redommendation