When I went to Tuscaloosa back in October for the wonderful Bama v Tennessee game I had the opportunity to shoot an AR-15. Here's a photo CJ took of me with it.

Me firing an AR-15This is basically the same thing that our Army uses. It's a little bewildering to fire it. Like all firearms, it's a controlled explosion that's taking place in your hands. You see it all the time on TV and in the movies, but actually firing one is an entirely different experience. One of the most shocking things to me was how loud the gun actually is. The volume is one thing hollywood doesn't even come close to representing. I would imagine that after one of our soldiers goes through a battle with one of these that their ears ring for days unless they had a chance to put in some ear plugs. I doubt that when shooting starts, anyone who isn't already wearing ear plugs would take the time to stop and put them in.