Geek Desk Color Change

I have two Geek Desks^1^^. One at the house. Another at the office. I'm a huge fan. Using them to get off my ass for at least a bit each day has been nice. The cumulative effect has been profound. I no longer feel like I'm slowly turning into a slug.

My only regret is going with "silver" (i.e. gray) instead of black for the house desk. That choice has bugged me ever since. I picked the better option when I bought the one for the office. Of course, that increased the annoyance with the gray one sitting at home.

While replacing the flooring at the house, I realized I had am opportunity to address this. With everything moved out of the room and not caring about the soon-to-be-removed carpet, a few cans of spray paint were all that was needed.

A sit/stand desk in a raised position. It's a cherry top with cords on it and gray legs. It's sitting on carpet that's half pulled up with a can of spray paint next to it.
The desk in the lowered position with the legs spray painted black.

Much better.

It's not a "complete solution." The internal sections of the legs that move to do the actual raising and lowering are lubricated. Covering them in paint seemed a poor choice. So, they remain the same old gray.

A photo from undreneath the desk showing the legs extended. The lower portion is spray painted black with the upper extension sections remaining gray.

When the desk is raised, this can be seen from a distance, but it's not noticeable when actually at the desk. That works out just fine.

I highly recommend an automatic, adjustable, sitting/standing desk (a la Geek Desk) for anyone who spends the majority of their workday at a computer. It's a great way to help reverse the slow slide to slugdom.

Just make sure to go with the black legs to save yourself some hassle.

Geek Desk - The powered sitting/standing height adjustment desks with a name that speaks to me.