Steve Inglima Teaching at Photoshop World

My passion for photography reignited recently. To further fuel the flame, I'm attending Photoshop World this week. On Tuesday, I attended the "Canon Live Shoot" workshop that's part of the conference. It looked like a great opportunity to watch top pros teach and learn a little something. It did not disappoint.

The instructors were Jack Reznicki, Eddie Tapp, and Steve Inglima. I spent the majority of the shooting session in Steve's group. Of course, I took the opportunity to shoot a little behind the scenes shot with my Canon S100 point and shoot.

A man in a black shirt standing next to a model in a teal dress. The image is taken from a downward angle from the side of a group behind the camera that the man is talking to. He has one hand extended out and turned upward as part of a gesture of explination. The model is looking towards him with hands crossed in front of her. The left side of the frame shows the edge of a ring light that's illuminating the pair. Half the frame behind them is filled with a white background but it's only lit at the bottom so it diffuses to gray towards the top. The background on the left side of the image is black.

Steve was a great teacher. He did a fantastic job of working with all the photographers and our model Michelle. Part of the workshop included a competition where the entire Photoshop World audience picked the best photo from the day's shoot. One of the images Steve setup won. Sadly, it wasn't my image, but I'm still happy with my shot.

A black and white photo of a model with blond hair taken from the waste up. She's lit from the side with her face to the light wich is slightly above her. Her hair has some curl and extends to the middle of her back and over her back shoulder. Her overall posture points her body half way toward the right side of the frame. The background is a mostly uniform gray which makes the much lighter ton of her skin stand out.

Anyone familiar with DK's work will easily be able to tell he's been my mentor for the past couple of decades.


Photoshop World

Best decision I've made is long time was deciding to come to this event. I've been largely out of the game for a long time. I'm still way behind, but I learned more in the past couple of days than I would have been able to on my own in months and there's still one day to go. Aside from the Photoshop stuff, it's also been great to see some of the best at work.

My mind won't stop racing with ideas for things I want to shoot and ways I want to shoot them.


Jack Reznicki

Teacher and commercial shooter. I didn't get to spend as much time working with him as I would have liked, but really enjoyed his part of the presentation.


Eddie Tapp

Eddie gave the post processing part of the presentation. This marked the start of my entrance back into the world of photoshop. I'm already seeing benefits from the notes from his talk.


Steve Inglima

I'm not finding a personal web site for Steve. Perhaps Vegas has blunted my Google skills. One thing I know he does is Canon's Explorers of Light


Canon's Explorers of Light

I program I've enjoyed looking at for years


Canon PowerShot S100

This is the point and shoot that I carry and recommend


Dennis Keim

My friend, mentor and all around great dude