Superfads Reel

The video below has been making the rounds over the past few days. It's a commercial for Durex condoms featuring condom/balloon animals going at it. It was created by a company called Superfad who have done a lot of other great work.

For one, they created outtakes that are well worth a watch at the end of the video.

<YouTubeVideo id="iO85souMpeI" />

More impressive is their reel. It's got some beautiful images in there and stands as a great example of why we don't have much of a chance against commercials. I mean, when stuff looks that cool, you'd have to be lacking a pulse not to be influenced.

<Img src="superfad_reel_grab_2009_01.png" alt="Black and white photo of a woman with a butterfly launching from her hand" />

<VimeoVideo id="26455205" />

Excellent stuff.

_Update November, 2021_

The Superfad site is dead. Links to it have been removed, but I found a YouTube video of the commercial and outtakes. The demo reel is a different one, but it's representative of the time.