The Morning Ritual and Maybe Getting an AWS Person to Stream With Me

Welp. I didn't journal yesterday.

I got up and started messing around on the computer. Before I knew it, I completely forgot to journal. I did a car vlog yesterday and remembered it when I was driving, but forgot again when I got home.

That's what happens when I skip the morning ritual. It wasn't even intentional. I don't remember what I did, but it was one of those "I'll just take care of something real quick" before writing things. Then, I got sucked into doing and doing and doing.

I almost did the same thing this morning, but managed to get back to the journal. What I did was start an archive process that's backing up my photo archive to Amazon's S3]( I use the [aws command line]( tool for the backup. In the past, I've used an account with [Multi-Factor Authentication on it which means it quits working after a day when the token expires. It also meant that it would stop working if I need to use another account for work or my stream. Yesterday, I fixed that. I've got the account setup as its own profile. It now runs independently of the other processes.

The other interesting thing that's going on is that I might be getting an Amazon person to join me on the steam. One of my contacts was helping me with a project last week. I mentioned I stream and would love to get him on to show me how to use various AWS tools. He loved the idea. I was drifting in and out of sleep all night last night thinking about it. (The good news is taht I didn't wake up at 3am and start writing up notes about it which would have been a sign I was ramping into a bipolar mania.)

The guys name is Chris, so I'm thinking we'd call the episodes "Coding with Chris". We could start by building a web site to host the episodes. Showing how to setup Route 53]( and [CloudFront]( and maybe an [EC2]( instance to house [Hugo

We could make YouTube deployers, a mailing list (or connection to a mailing list service, probably). Twitter bots, something with Internet Gateway]( and [Lambda, and just generally use the AWS services.

I'm really digging the idea.

Could get some legit traffic too.