Tom Green in Jacksonville

To quote my friend Raef, "Every time I see live stand up, I remember I should go more often." Tom Green^1^^ provided that reminder this past weekend when he played Jacksonville. Thursday though Saturday he was at The Comedy Zone^2^^. I attended the Friday night show and laughed my ass off. After making a post about it Saturday morning, friends called and asked if I wanted to go again. I've been curious to see how the same stand up act would differ between performances. Combined with the fact that I had such a good time the night before, it was an easy decision to head back.

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I was expecting the material to be effectively the same, but that wasn't the case. There was maybe a 10% difference between the shows. For example, the second night had an entire bit that wasn't in the first show. It was about how teachers sending nude photos to students didn't happen before cell phones because it would be a multi day process. It was worth it to attend the second show just for that bit.

The most important thing I learned from going to two shows is that you want to sit as close to the stage as you can. The first night, we were at the first table just to stage left of the mic. Since the tickets for the second night were purchased last minute, we were at the back of the venue. That show was fine, and if I hadn't had the reference from the first night I wouldn't have though that much about it. But when compared, the front row provides tremendous bang for the buck. At least for Tom Green, the subtle expressions on his face added a great touch for the show. That extra bit was lost when viewing from the back of the house. Of course, there's also a bit of a rush/nervousness that you could

The changes in delivery and the interactions with the crowd

The two sets were largely the same material except for may be %15 of the content.

, but there was maybe 15% that was different between them.

was in Jacksonville this past weekend and proved that

Tom Green was kicking ass in Jacksonville this past weekend. He played The Comedy Zone from Thursday through Saturday. I went to the Friday night show and had a blast.