Create A KSUID For A Specific Date In Python

NOTE: I'm using `ulid` now instead of `ksuid` since it allows going back to epoch (Jan. 1, 1970) instead of KSUID's epock of May 2014.

NOTE: I need to go back and review this one

NOTE: KSUIDs epoch is May 13th, 2014. You can't go before that. They run out in somewhere over 100 years too. Less of a problem there, but something to know.

python3 -i -c "from ksuid import Ksuid; from datetime import datetime; datetime = datetime(year=2015, month=1, day=1, hour=10, minute=22, second=13); print(Ksuid(datetime))"

The original ksuid package doesn't have a way to generate KSUIDs for a specific date. I need that feature to go back and add KSUIDs to my previous notes/posts.

This python module provides the functionality.

Install with:

pip install svix-ksuid

And then run it with:

from ksuid import Ksuid
  from datetime import datetime

  year = 2017
  month = 11
  day = 16
  hour = 12
  minute = 0
  second = 0

  datetime = datetime(year=year, month=month, day=day, hour=hour, minute=minute, second=second)

  the_id = Ksuid(datetime)


  # This 12 character version is what I use for the slugs on my site

(NOTE: Be cafeful if you try the ruby version. I got incorrect dates when examining the values)