Store Rust Diesel Database Passwords In macOS Keychain Access

I don't like storing password in plain-text. That means no _.env__ files. Instead I use password managers to store them and call them from there as needed. The _diesel__ Rust crate provides a `--database-url`` argument that serves this purpose. It's a little long to write so I make a little script file called _migrate.bash__ with this it in:

diesel \
--database-url \
$(security find-generic-password -w -a alan -s password-name) \
migration \
  • The is the approach I use with macOS Keychain Access app. It's what the `security`` command talks to. Similar command line tools exist for other password managers

  • The file needs to be made executable with:

    `chmod u+x migrate.bash``

  • The `-a alan`` in the example is for my account on the mac. You might not need it. Or, if the account is different you'll have to change it explicitly