Get The Width And Height Of An Image With ImageMagick In Rust

This is the process I'm using to get the width and height of images for a project I'm working on. It uses ImageMagick instead of the `image`` crate. I'm using it because it's considerably faster.

use std::process::Command;

fn main() {
    let path = "/Users/alan/workshop/__sources/tmp/pixel_frame.png";
    let height = image_height(path);

fn image_height(img: &str) -> u32 {
    let args = ["-format", "%h", img];
    let response = Command::new("identify").args(args).output().unwrap();
    let height_string = String::from_utf8(response.stdout).unwrap();

That call is for the height. Changing `%h`` to `%w`` provides with width.