Ideas And TODOs For The Site

### Done

<ReadOnlyChecklist data={`1, Make a /this checklist for tracking TODOs 1, Create responsive video player for vimeo 1, Create responsive video player for youtube 1, Get social OG images working 1, Migrate content into grimoire 1, Backfill grimoire notes that are ready to go 1, Make a favicon 1, Get initial styling in place 1, Make a text only checklist that reads per line so you don't have to make js 1, Add code syntax highlighting 1, Default to using filenames for titles with the ability to override via 'title' in frontmatter if formatting needs to happen 1, Setup posts to have UUID as slug with arbitrary url behind so you can change text slugs 1, Make a espanso snippet for making a post frontmatter with a ksuid 1, Normalize date format across posts frontmatter 1, Update date on posts to show just month and year 1, Deal with grimoire notes that do not have all the frontmatter yet 1, Put OG Images back in place 1, Put in favicons again 1, Finish putting code back in place after moving over to next-mdx-remote 1, Get redirects working for pages that change title/slugs 1, Remove pages/_document.js file and just put css for body in styles/global.css 1, Add KSUID for unique IDs of posts 1, Update output ksuids and redirects to all be lowercase for the urls 1, Pull in the RSS feed for the podcast to host it on the site instead of simplecast 1, Convert KSUIDs and redirects to lower case 1, Fix redirects to be all lower case 1, Add redirect where you can just use the ID of the post and have it bounce to the current page 1, Run a script to find all links and run stats on how many are dead for a given year, etc... `} />

### Under Consideration

<ReadOnlyChecklist data={` 0, Figure out why redirects aren't in place for everything (e.g. 20eMTNPwHx1B) - Probably it's just that it doesn't work in dev and only works on deploy, but see if you can get it working in dev 0, Find "" Urls and replace them 0, Change status markers in nvAlt post files from "unpublished", "scratch", "draft", "published" to "u", "s", "d", and "p" just so you have to type the words. Could also put a legend in the rest of the YAML to make sure you remember 0, Make sure all pages have canonacial IDs in their metadata 0, Move podcast data to a single JS file and use it to publish all the links, pages, etc... 0, Setup 'next', 'previous' links for the podcast 0, Figure out how to get redirects working on localhost 0, Finish cleaning up images and other old 'http' links 0, Make a separate render template for the podcast that you can format for it more directly 0, Setup local build deploy process instead of using netlify build 0, Get good OG image for the podcast 0, Figure out how simplecast sets up podcast episodes to play in twitter, etc... 0, Update all the grimoire files to make the ksuids in the files lowercase 0, Make and style a component for the podcast player 0, Setup 'title' in frontmatter as an array so you can do multiple lines 0, Create a 'subtitle' frontmatter key 0, Make a 'uses' page with details that include your mic settings in auditio 0, Build a script to auto-fix links that are just redirects 0, Get OG Images working better 0, Fix images 0, Style images 0, Post that fills up a TI99/4A size area in a random pattern with a random letter like the first thing you did with pop. 0, Add search to the site 0, Add responsive images 0, Build tool to format podcast transcripts 0, Build tool to automatically move changed files into place from grimoire to site (expect to still need/want to run full process for deployment to do redirects, etc...?) 0, Build a script that opens a random page that needs to be scrubbed 0, Make a /tv page that has a few channels that loops through talks and videos and maybe music? 0, Make a script to populate images from from: /__Cleaned/WCAU49878494-1TB-ext/_keep/alans/Backups/StimulatingPixels/blog/wp-content/uploads/ - e.g. 2009/01/last-fm-bs.png 0, Create a file at '/posts' maybe? 0, Convert http links to https - run a script to find them 0, Figure out what to do with the home page 0, Find legecy YouTube links and change them to the new component 0, Build a script that shows files without blurbs so you can add them 0, Setup 'li' in ReadOnlyChecklist to use more than just 'index' for the unique id since there may be more than one checklist on a page. 0, Figure out how you want to organize stuff... 0, Make a /tools page that has forms and links for various online tools 0, Build a Checklist component like ReadOnlyChecklist 0, Make a Message component to add messages at the top of the posts with their own format 0, Only copy over new/updated files from the grimoire when running the copy process 0, Figure out what to do about descriptions for OG tags - i.e. can you clip the first paragraph or do you need to make explicit descriptions for each post 0, Migrate Oh The Places I Goed to monthly 0, Auto deploy site after you push a button to copy files 0, Remove all dead links - write script to find them 0, Add analytics 0, Make a /links page with links to all the other stuff (github, twitch, twitter, etc..) 0, Make a /uses page that has details on your gear? 0, Make a custom 404 page 0, Make a robots.txt file (assuming that's still a thing?) 0, Make a sitemap.xml file (assuming that's still a thing) 0, Make an RSS/Atom feed 0, Figure out what other files like robots.txt are used these days 0, Build a process that pulls files that need updates like 10 at a time into Sublime Text 0, Make the grimoire to site file mover only do files that have changed 0, Make custom code fence things somehow (see playgrounds link from the person who did css for cs) 0, Look at and 0, Find all the missing images and post/restore them 0, Add some type of curation to posts 0, Setup to clearedlist domains and auto publish On The Places I Goed - instead of manually editing the blocklist 0, Add categoriztion pages 0, Figure out if there are going to be related links 0, Review files from prior site versions to make sure everything migrated 0, Setup to use Cloudinary? 0, Migrate Oh the places I goed to monthly 0, Send our auto populate titles in video components 0, Remove google tracking junk in Oh the places I goed posts. 0, Add quotes from your list of quotes - maybe have random ones show up on the site. 0, Get code scratchpads on the site 0, Allow customization of colors and font sizes 0, Make sure all the journal entires are set with the journal category 0, Get pinboard stuff on the site somehow 0, Setup waveforms on the web players for the podcast. check out: 0, Do a beats/min review of songs for the past few decades to see if there's a change 0, Make a TODO list, but that gives you one at random instead of top down `} />