Connect Directly To A Supabase Database From DBeaver Or Other Database Clients

It wasn't super obvious to me how to connect directly to a Supabase database from a client like DBeaver. This is how.

After you make a database, go to Settings in the nav (the little gear icon in the lower left at the time of this writing)

Under Project Settings, choose Database

That will reveal a Connection Info section. That's the data to use for connecting with DBeaver and other postgres SQL clients (e.g. from the psql postgres command line tool)

To use SSL, download the certificate from the "SSL Connection" section on the sage page.

Place that file somewhere convienent and then in DBeaver go to the "SSL" tab in the connection configuration (which is what you get when you first create a connection) and check the `Use SSL` to turn it on and then put the path to the certificate file in the `CA Certificate` field.