More exploding things

March - 2006

I don't think I've posted this one yet, but it follows along the same lines of not putting your beer in the freezer. That makes things explode because they are too cold. Hot cars in Florida can have the opposite temperature extreme with the same outcome. Don't leave unopened cans in the car. 20050812_183138a.jpg This is actually from last year, but I just ran across it. I grabbed a Barq's at the store one day and didn't realize that it was diet till I was well on my way. I figured I'd just toss it in the fridge at work and someone would drink it. Only, I didn't take it out of my car. There was surprisingly little liquid, in the can (or on the floor or the roof). I think a lot of it must have evaporated almost instantly when it exploded. Wish I had had video in the car. It's almost worth trying that, but I'm afraid it would coke the camera before the beverage.