IMG_0001 - First Shot

March - 2006

Well, the new camera came in today. I walked out on the course and took a few shots with it. Here is, literally, the first shot from the camera after it left the factory:

Number 17 - TPC Sawgrass - First shot

First impressions, I'm very impressed with the camera. It feels right, and going back to a "full-frame" camera where wide angles are actually wide again is awesome.

Incidentally, here is a 100% clip from the above image. It's a little compresses so it's not representative of the full image quality, but it's still pretty good.

First Shot - crop

Only thing that is ticking me off right now is that it looks like Adobe has only released a RAW converter for CS2 and hasn't updated the one for regular old CS. That's a shitting way for a company to try to get people to upgrade and doesn't strike me as the type of thing I would have expected from Adobe.