RAW Images

April - 2006

Took the new camera out last night to do some shooting of a friend's band for him. Well into the night, after not a few 7&7s I also shot a photo of the bartenders. (Always a good thing to get to know your bartenders well, and giving them prints every once in a while pays off very nicely.) I noticed there was a mirror behind them so turned to where I though I would be okay. I was a little off, and it didn't help that there were actually two mirrored surfaces. You can see my strobe both times in and how it effected the exposure in this image: RAW Example 1 If I was shooting JPEG, this would have broken apart badly if I lightened it to a decent level. Since I shot it in RAW I figured I'd see how far I could push it to save the image as much as possible. I'm pretty pleased with the result. RAW Example 2 This is the first time I've really pushed an image like this and I must say I'm pretty impressed. More importantly, I've salvaged an image that I can drop off for the bar crew.