September - 2006

When I was a kid staying with my Grandparents in Tennessee my Grandpa and I would go out sometimes and shoot .22 rifles at tin cans. Also, one time when I was probably eight or ten my uncle let me shoot a 9mm pistol of his once. Other than that I've never really done much shooting. I've kinda wanted to do a little pistol shooting for a while so last weekend I found a local firing range that lets you rent guns to shoot and gave it a spin. It's a bit surreal. You walk in, show them your ID, sign a form saying you aren't high or drunk and they hand you a 9mm Glock 17 and a box of ammo.

Here's a shot of the pistol. Glock 17

Considering I've never really shot a pistol I think I did okay. Target Practice

There are 40 rounds in the target below. Twenty shots from about 8 yards and twenty shots from 15 years.

These were the last of the box of 50 that I shot and my arm was surprisingly tired. I didn't really think it would be a workout, but it was a bit of one. If you have never shot a pistol (or I suppose a gun of any sort), it's a wild experience. You squeeze the trigger slowly and nothing happens for a while as it's moving back. Then, with a suddeness that is hard to describe, you are literally holding a controled explosion in your hand.

It's over so fast that you don't have time to react to it till a half second after the bullet has hit the target. It feels very different than it looks in the movies.

No. I'm not going to turn into a "gun nut", but it was a fun experience. A little pricy though. Gun rental was $15 for two guns (I also shot the smaller Glock 26), Range fee was $10, and the box of 50 shots of ammo was another $10. About $40 with tax.