February - 2008

I saw Dilert a few times when I was in College. Didn't find it funny at all. I now work in a fairly corporate environment and find it funny way more often than not. This is one from the other day that I really enjoyed. image Since I'm the tech guy and the majority of what I work on is Greek to the rest of the staff, I figured it would be a good one to print out and stick on my door. It's probably obvious, but I should point out that "Framistan" and "Gabol" are made up terms. This also reminds me of some people that I've worked with before that pretended to know a lot more about technology than they actually did. I would occasionally make up fake technology terms or abbreviations, combine them with real terms and ask things like, "You know how Rapid-Q2 XML delivery works, right?" The answer would invariably be "Of Course!" with a bit of that tone that implies insult by asking such a silly question. Neat trick since Rapid-Q2 isn't anything.