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January - 2009

macbook-pro.jpg After several years of working on Windows XP machines, I've recently made the switch back to Mac. The difference is profound and makes me regret that I didn't push for the Mac a long time ago. A rough analogy would be switching from a 1987 Ford Taurus to a brand new BMW M3. I build things that run on web sites and those sites all run on Linux. When I has to work on a Windows machine, the only way I could really do development was to use a Virtual Machine which let me effectively have a Linux server running "inside" Windows. While this works, it means constantly jumping through a lot of hoops. It also means everything runs slower because hardware that was designed to be used as a single computer is being asked to do the work of two or more. With a Mac these issues simply go away. Under the hood, a Mac works basically the same as the servers I write code for. This allows me to do what is called "Native Development". No more jumping through hoops. No more forcing hardware to pull multiple-duty. Take this along with the improvements Apple made to the Mac's operating system since 2001 (which is when Windows XP was released) and I'd guess I'm 25-30% more efficient on a Mac. It's good to be back.