Get your skulls in the Home and Garden section

March - 2009

I've heard one of the reasons you see skulls in old paintings so often is that artists used to keep one around as a reminder of their mortality. This seems like a good idea to me. Following along the line of making sure that you live every day to its fullest and to try not to let the little things get to you. So, I went in search of a skull. They are really cheap these days. Like under $10.

The one I ended up with is this one. It's very well detailed but a little smaller than I expected. No big deal, I really like it. The funniest part of the shopping experience to me was where Amazon had the skull categorized: Home and Garden. Here's a grab of the search results.


I'm not sure where I would have expected it, but Home and Garden would have been way down on my list of guesses. I'm not a big shopper of that department, but I'll have to browse around a little to see what other interesting surprises are there.