Space Shuttle Launch Web Resources

August - 2009

shuttle-patch-150x166.png Just a few quick links that I've found useful when trying to figure out details about attending a Space Shuttle launch. (Of course, if you can't attend, there is always NASA TV streaming on the web.

These are the frequencies I've seen listed for tuning into the shuttle communications prior to launch via HAM repeaters. These are all pulled from the links above, but they are spread out. Just listing them here to make them easier to find.

  • 146.880 MHz (FM) - KA9SZX retransmission
  • 146.940 MHz (FM) - K4GCC retransmission
  • 145.170 MHz (FM) - WA4VME retransmission
  • 296.800 MHz (AM) - Air-to-ground & Orbiter to EVA-Suit
  • 279.000 MHz (AM) - EVA-Suit-to-EVA-Suit & Orbiter to EVA-Suit
  • 243.000 MHz (AM) - Standard UHF Mil emergency Freq.
  • 442.6 MHz (UHF) - NASA audio
  • AM 1240 and AM 1350 - Local station WMMB. These weren't broadcasting the launch when I was there, but they are still listed by NASA.

There aren't that many Shuttle missions left after this one. Here's the list as it stands right now.

The last one, STS-134 isn't certain yet. It has to get budget approval. As it stands right now, either that one or 133, is going to be the last launch of the Space Shuttle program.