ThePodOfAlan - Season 1 - Episode 3 Aftershow

November - 2021

Short aftershow on this one.

Today's Topics Include:

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00:01 [Music] 00:05 and now we're doing the after show 00:07 welcome to i almost did a hello world 00:09 thing again today um 00:12 but i think i think i'm going to stick 00:14 to not doing that for a while i i think 00:16 it actually makes an okay introduction 00:18 to the things being like hello world 00:19 welcome to this edition of static props 00:22 because that's the word that's in front 00:23 of me right now um because i'm doing 00:24 some coding stuff 00:26 i mean not now but you know in general 00:28 so 00:29 yeah that was i didn't really know where 00:31 that was gonna go i often don't know 00:33 where these are gonna go i just kind of 00:35 you know so behind the scenes stuff 00:39 is i just kind of like 00:41 have an idea to start with and like 00:43 today the idea to start with was just 00:45 that thing of like 00:46 hey um 00:47 i had this tweet it went viral and then 00:49 all of a sudden that turned into all the 00:50 rest of that stuff so it just kind of it 00:53 just kind of goes so to 00:55 for those of you who are new um which 00:58 just probably most of you uh that's just 01:01 kind of the the format here um of how 01:03 these are gonna roll uh i don't i don't 01:06 really come up with a specific idea 01:09 for the big thing i just have something 01:12 that i want to start with and then i 01:14 start and then it just kind of goes 01:16 wherever it goes um 01:18 also so so things the the just kind of 01:20 like some um housekeeping stuff the 01:24 so mental health stuff is definitely 01:26 going to come up um i mentioned the 01:27 other one that like probably wasn't too 01:28 much of that but then it just happened 01:29 so there we go 01:31 i'm not going to not talk about it the 01:33 there are there will be times uh and 01:36 i threw kind of the the warning out 01:38 there 01:39 but just to put the overall warning on 01:41 this for like um 01:43 uh there will be suicidal ideation talk 01:46 in some of these so suicidal trigger 01:47 warnings um i guess content trigger 01:49 warnings i'm still not sure exactly how 01:50 to do that um 01:52 but just as a as a caveat for the whole 01:56 thing you should know that i will i will 01:58 put trigger warnings in front of the 01:59 stuff when i'm about to talk about it um 02:01 explicitly but this is the just kind of 02:03 a heads up fair warning um 02:06 but yeah so 02:08 that was like i kind of like that it's 02:10 really it's it's interesting to me 02:12 like i feel a little bit different doing 02:14 these but not as different as i would 02:15 have thought 02:17 um because in the other ones that i was 02:19 doing in the car 02:20 like i had that action right i was doing 02:22 like i was doing something but here i'm 02:24 not doing anything um i'm i'm not 02:26 driving so it's just kind of sitting 02:28 here and talking but i i also then just 02:30 kind of do the thing where i'm not 02:34 you know it doesn't feel significantly 02:36 different it feels a little bit 02:38 different but not a big jump different 02:39 um 02:40 a couple other housekeeping things so 02:43 uh i will 02:45 i will repeat myself during these uh 02:47 sometimes i may even say different 02:48 things uh of the same topic whatever 02:51 the 02:53 in a bunch of the prior episodes or in 02:55 the bunch of the before time episodes 02:57 uh i i kind of 02:59 struggled with the thing of like oh i'm 03:00 gonna say something over again or i'm 03:02 like like there's a bunch of struggles 03:03 that i went through when i was kind of 03:04 making the the first batch of these 03:07 and some of it was being worried about 03:09 saying the same thing and doing 03:10 repetition or whatever but i have gotten 03:13 to the point where i don't care about 03:14 that um or i'm not or i'm 03:17 it's not i don't care it's that i'm 03:18 unconcerned about 03:20 repeating myself or repeating the same 03:22 topic or repeating whatever because it's 03:24 if if the topic is in the flow of the 03:27 thing 03:27 then it fits and so if whatever i'm 03:30 talking about fits with whatever else 03:32 i'm talking about the fact that i might 03:34 have talked about before talked about it 03:35 before is not 03:37 uh it's not something i'm gonna 03:40 uh fret about to worry about um 03:43 we'll just kind of keep rolling it'll be 03:44 fine so like you will hear repetition of 03:46 the things um that's and like amusingly 03:49 one of the things you'll hear repetition 03:50 about is me 03:51 being concerned 03:53 about being repetitive uh when we 03:56 actually publish the the before times 03:57 ones but i i probably won't bring that 04:00 up too much even though it is still a 04:02 little bit weird like there there are 04:03 parts of this that are weird and there 04:04 are parts of this that are naked feeling 04:06 right 04:07 i 04:08 so i've actually pushed a couple of 04:09 these out now and did the did the sneak 04:12 peek for some friends or whatever and 04:14 like they've listened to them and 04:15 they're like but i'm like all of a 04:17 sudden this has become like a real thing 04:19 and that's 04:21 like it's different like i was nervous 04:23 about doing this today because i was a 04:24 little bit like ah what am i gonna do 04:25 what am i gonna say um 04:28 that was like having that thought was 04:30 not something 04:32 that was in my head for the past year 04:34 doing the before times episodes or the 04:36 car episodes 04:37 because i gotten so used to just doing 04:39 in the car and it was just like the way 04:40 that i was doing it and like they 04:42 weren't out yet so it kind of didn't 04:43 matter et cetera et cetera but now it's 04:45 just like 04:46 yeah this is a thing and like i'm going 04:48 live with it or like it's live um i need 04:51 to i need to actually package it up and 04:52 like push it out so it's like can go on 04:53 your podcast player or your you know 04:55 your podcast app um and actually like 04:57 set up the youtube thing put it on the 04:58 site and all the other things but like 05:00 the episodes are out people have seen 05:01 them so 05:03 we're live um but yeah so 05:07 i don't know i think that'll probably 05:09 wrap it this will be a short out this 05:10 will be a short after show um which will 05:12 happen sometimes you know they can be 05:14 long they can be not they can be 05:16 something there's a song that's like 05:17 that i can't remember what it is 05:20 what is that song 05:22 oh no it's the uh it's the ryan reynolds 05:24 and wolf arrow thing uh from tiktok 05:27 that you can be purple you can be blue 05:29 you can be whatever and whatever i'm not 05:31 gonna sing it um because that is not a 05:33 skill that i have 05:35 um 05:36 acquired or gained or just to have 05:39 period 05:40 but yeah so that'll do it i appreciate 05:41 you all take it easy we will see you 05:43 next time uh until then uh be cool and 05:46 be kind cheers