ThePodOfAlan - Season 1 - Episode 2

November - 2021

Today's Topics Include:

  • The history of the intro and changing it up
  • Working in public
  • A brief mention of Digital Gardens
  • The Workshop and The Woodshed
  • Cleaning the blog
  • Considering an audio bumper intro (which retroactively ended up being music queues)
  • Considering a podcast episode that's only sign language
  • We're gonna get into some tech, but this ain't no tech show
  • The possibility of popularity
  • Ejecting

Post show idea:

  • See if there's software that would could use to make sign language versions of the podcast. At first blush id doesn't look like this has been solved though there is this dataset to look at.

Auto-Generated Transcript (I'm in the process of getting this formatted)

00:01 [Music] 00:05 all right so 00:06 now we're do that a little bit 00:07 differently hang on we're starting like 00:09 this 00:10 so 00:11 i've come to a decision 00:13 and the decision is 00:15 we're gonna change the way potentially 00:16 that we're opening these not potentially 00:18 we're changing the way we open these 00:19 in 00:20 all of the ones of these episodes that 00:22 i've recorded prior to this 00:24 which is kind of like the before times 00:27 uh they were done in my car and in my 00:29 car the way that i would do it 00:31 that i kind of like landed on after a 00:32 while was i would 00:35 be parked somewhere because i would 00:36 always start from a parked place get the 00:38 camera set up and the mic set up etc and 00:40 then get everything set up and then like 00:43 pause for a second 00:44 put the car in gear and then say hello 00:46 world welcome to this edition of 00:49 whatever the name of the thing is that 00:50 we came up with that time 00:52 that's how i started the first one of 00:54 these right it's like hey hello world 00:55 like i'm gonna keep doing the same thing 00:56 and i was thinking about that i was like 00:57 hey let's go through this but like it 00:58 didn't it doesn't feel right to do that 01:03 like it doesn't 01:04 this is now a new thing and it's like 01:06 it's a new thing in two different ways 01:07 two well like way number one is 01:12 this is a brand new thing i'm doing a 01:13 different location and i'm also pushing 01:14 this out like i actually posted the 01:16 first one of these right so the thing 01:18 has happened um but also just doesn't 01:20 feel like the vibe didn't feel right for 01:23 doing a hello world thing all the time 01:25 with this like it's 01:26 and i and the trick is i so i need to 01:29 find 01:30 a opening or an opening and i kind of 01:33 been thinking about a little bit about 01:34 that back and forth in my head where 01:37 i don't necessarily like would be great 01:39 is um if you could do music right so 01:41 uh the other thing that i did a long 01:43 time ago with the cars when i first 01:45 started doing this 01:46 is um i would play 01:48 i'd have a track playing and off it was 01:50 whatever was on the radio and i just 01:52 have the radio kind of crank so you 01:53 could hear the you could hear the music 01:54 in the background um or kind of i guess 01:56 foreground at that point and i turned 01:58 the music down like hello world i'm 02:00 going and this is we're doing the thing 02:01 et cetera but like that's gonna get 02:03 copyright struck and taken down i don't 02:04 have to deal with that so i stopped 02:06 doing that got to the hell world thing 02:08 etc but like 02:10 i kind of i need to figure out what i 02:12 want to do for the beginning of these 02:14 um and this is 02:17 in line with another thing that we will 02:19 get to talking about a bunch here which 02:21 is this idea of 02:24 learning in practice the idea of a 02:25 digital garden the idea of doing things 02:27 in public and working on them in public 02:29 so 02:30 i'm just running this stuff like i've 02:32 been doing it for a while but i haven't 02:33 posted it now i'm posting it but as i'm 02:35 posting it it actually 02:37 it's almost like i've been doing a play 02:40 where 02:41 uh i've been rehearsing and rehearsing 02:42 rehearsing rehearsing rehearsing and 02:44 then now i'm ready to actually do the 02:46 performance and i guess it's a little 02:47 bit more like i don't know jazz and 02:49 improvisation in terms of like i've 02:51 practiced a whole bunch 02:53 with all this stuff that's never been 02:54 seen 02:55 and now we're gonna get up and we're 02:56 gonna do the gig 02:57 but while we do the gig like as soon as 02:59 the gig 03:00 becomes its own thing 03:02 it's gonna have its own 03:04 kind of uh maturation process maturation 03:07 maturation i don't know how to say a 03:08 word but like it's gonna mature in and 03:10 of itself it's gonna become its own 03:12 thing and so 03:14 part of that also is gonna be like this 03:16 could be a very produced thing like i 03:17 could go through 03:19 and i could keep refining this a little 03:20 bit i could record a couple episodes and 03:22 then not actually post them and then go 03:23 okay what did i learn from that one let 03:25 me go through and like record these and 03:27 then like oh i want to have an intro 03:28 okay how do i want to do the intro well 03:29 i wanted to say hello world no we didn't 03:31 try that didn't work let's try this and 03:32 like we could workshop it and workshop 03:34 it and workshop it or would shed it 03:35 depending on which way you want to call 03:36 that um 03:38 which head being an old school term for 03:39 uh 03:40 in 03:41 band 03:42 at least the the way that i always heard 03:44 woodshed was like if you 03:46 had a piece of music that you're working 03:47 on and you weren't quite there you you 03:49 took it to the woodshed or you got taken 03:51 to the woodshed to go figure it out to 03:53 go figure out how to do it um and i like 03:55 the idea of woodchat in workshop both um 03:58 but i i'm a 04:01 generally like woodshed kind of have an 04:03 uh a connotation of kind of getting your 04:04 tail kicked um 04:07 the 04:08 so like i'd prefer to think about stuff 04:10 more as a workshop of taking something 04:11 back to shopping it and workshopping it 04:13 um so that's that's gonna be this 04:16 process too and like so there's gonna be 04:17 a whole bunch of that as we go through 04:18 this and like welcome to the early 04:19 episodes where we figure this stuff out 04:21 over time 04:22 we'll hit the rhythm of the things and 04:24 we will solve the problems for as long 04:27 as 04:28 they see fit to see themselves be solved 04:31 and what i mean by that is 04:33 um i kind of been going back i've been 04:34 working on my website for the past i 04:36 don't know a little while um 04:38 changing the software underneath it that 04:40 hosts it from something called gatsby to 04:43 something called uh next js 04:46 um if you don't know what either of 04:47 those are don't worry about it we can 04:49 talk about them later or not it's fine 04:50 it is completely irrelevant but for 04:52 those of you under such things those are 04:53 the the pieces of software that i'm 04:54 messing with 04:56 but as i'm doing this move 04:58 um i'm also going through and cleaning 05:00 up from the prior five moves that i've 05:03 done of the website because there was 05:05 so i'm at next js now before next there 05:08 was gatsby before now gatsby there was 05:10 hugo before hugo there was jekyll before 05:11 jekyll there was wordpress for wordpress 05:13 it was hand coded um and there was 05:16 blogger in there somewhere i don't 05:17 remember but 05:19 there's all this cruft that's built up 05:21 over time with all of these posts so 05:23 like the pages of the pages but like 05:26 they're not formatted the same because 05:28 like some some of them got written three 05:30 pieces of in a software 05:32 three pieces of software ago and some of 05:34 them i've just written today 05:36 and like 05:37 they're all just words and text 05:40 in a file 05:42 but the format of them is different and 05:44 what i mean by format is 05:47 if you think like about a table of um of 05:50 rows and columns and so like the one 05:53 column would be like title and then the 05:55 title would be on the first row uh for 05:57 the first page would be like this is my 05:59 site hello world 06:01 second row would be like welcome to the 06:03 podcast and then 06:05 another column on the table 06:07 would be the text 06:09 another column would be the date 06:12 well like with the date for example 06:15 i have four different columns that all 06:17 are associated with the date 06:20 some files have one of those filled out 06:22 and not the other three 06:24 some have a different one filled out and 06:25 not the other three some of them have 06:27 don't have any filled out some have all 06:28 of them filled out like it's just it's 06:30 kind of a mess 06:32 so what i've been going through uh the 06:34 past little while in the past kind of 06:36 major push that i've done on the project 06:37 on the site is 06:39 to push all that stuff down so that i 06:41 take a look at those four dates and say 06:44 okay 06:45 let's look at these four dates let's 06:46 pick the one that we like the best and 06:49 let's get everything under that column 06:51 and delete the other three so it's that 06:53 type of cleanup and that type of process 06:56 but as part of that too what i've been 06:58 looking at is the transition of both 07:02 that type of metadata the dates etc and 07:06 as well as the content itself for 15 07:09 years like i've got 15 years of blog 07:10 here and 07:14 stuff has changed like a lot in terms of 07:16 my thinking in terms of the way i write 07:17 in terms of the way that i post stuff 07:19 just this actual structure right those 07:20 dates those titles 07:22 those time stamps whether or not 07:24 identify something if it's updated or 07:25 not 07:26 all of those things have changed and i 07:28 wouldn't have gotten to here if i hadn't 07:31 gotten through all of that stuff 07:34 like i could have just started now 07:37 and everything would have been cool and 07:38 it would have been everything lined up 07:40 and clean all looking exactly the 07:42 same or 07:44 i could have like kept going a little 07:46 bit and stopping and keeping a little 07:47 bit stopping and trying to mess with it 07:48 or i could have not changed anything at 07:50 all 07:51 but like this that's not how stuff tends 07:53 to work with 07:55 practice and procedures i guess i don't 07:58 know but like it's it's moved and it's 08:00 migrated so 08:01 what does that mean for this 08:03 i don't know what i'm gonna do 08:05 in episode 50 for 08:08 uh an intro like 08:10 i know that episode one i did hello 08:12 world not really digging it 08:15 and to the point we're not not really 08:16 digging up to the point we're like not 08:17 gonna do that 08:19 this being episode two and by the way 08:21 maybe not two we'll find out like i may 08:23 put another episode in front of this 08:24 like this is all like fungible at this 08:26 point like it's this is the primordial 08:28 primordial ooze of podcast 08:30 the the the pr the 08:33 potteries ooze no that's not nevermind 08:36 um 08:38 so we're to go through and like this 08:40 this stuff is affirming itself out a 08:41 little bit that's probably the wrong 08:43 word and 08:44 over time i won't have to think too much 08:46 about those things but while we're here 08:47 we're doing this thing and 08:49 i'm not a huge fan 08:52 of a certain type of navel gazing that 08:55 happens 08:58 sometimes with these projects 09:00 that 09:02 yeah 09:04 and i i can't tell you what the 09:05 distinction is between it and between 09:07 what i'm doing and maybe there is no 09:08 distinction and i'm just you know giving 09:10 myself leeway because it's my thing 09:12 but 09:15 i don't know let's listen to another 09:16 podcast and they were talking about a 09:17 little bit about like hey we're gonna do 09:18 this and like we're not really sure 09:20 about this and like all this stuff it's 09:21 like i kind of don't want to hear that 09:23 but at the same time it's good to hear 09:24 that 09:26 so like i guess i don't know i don't 09:28 actually have no idea where this is 09:29 going so like this one whatever we're 09:31 gonna so here's okay we'll back this all 09:33 the way up to the start right we're 09:34 gonna start at the start 09:35 probably what i think i'm gonna do 09:37 is 09:39 add in some type of little like bloop 09:42 bloop sound at the start of this so 09:44 there's some indication some signature 09:46 on the podcast that it is one of my 09:48 things like it could just be me starting 09:50 and being my voice because 09:52 my voice is my voice people's voices are 09:54 independent like we can hear things and 09:55 know what's happening but like i kind of 09:58 like this idea of just like this little 09:59 like 10:00 of like something and you know uh 10:03 cube big hero 10:04 six eight 10:07 who do we appreciate sorry um 10:10 i'm gonna do that a lot by the way when 10:11 i'm in this mood so 10:13 yes i don't know we'll see how that goes 10:14 and yeah so this is this is one of those 10:17 i feel like i'm skipping around so i'm 10:18 skipping around more than i generally 10:20 would do 10:21 about this type of thing in hemingham 10:22 right now but like that's going to 10:24 happen sometimes so hoorays strap in um 10:27 again one of the things i said in the 10:28 last one was 10:30 if you're not digging this first one or 10:32 the second one go listen to like five 10:34 from now 10:35 and it's funny to be able to say that 10:36 because i know that there's gonna be 10:38 five or ten from now like they're going 10:39 to exist uh like i've done this long 10:42 enough that i know that those things 10:43 could happen i'm gonna make them i'm 10:44 gonna post them especially because i've 10:45 already been posting them but it's kind 10:46 of this weird time traveling thing in 10:48 terms of like 10:50 i and especially the other thing i've 10:52 been thinking about is like i'm gonna 10:53 post some of these other episodes that 10:55 i've done in the car 10:57 two years ago but they will go in the 10:59 timeline in front of this one or behind 11:01 depending on whichever direction you're 11:02 looking at so 11:04 like 11:05 i just i've started to see this thing 11:08 as 11:10 much less constrained 11:13 than i was originally thinking about 11:15 doing it and that's one of the keys of 11:17 actually getting in and doing it is like 11:18 i had all these kind of ideas in my head 11:21 about 11:22 the structure and the way that it would 11:23 work and like even after having done it 11:25 for a couple of years and just rolling 11:26 in i thought it would basically be the 11:28 same thing but just changing this 11:30 position just changing the scene 11:32 just doing it on this mic instead of in 11:34 the car and actually having hardware 11:35 that's probably not going to fail on me 11:36 quite as much 11:37 uh you'll get to that later because the 11:39 hardware failed to punch me on the car 11:40 and i was kind of frustrating but sadly 11:42 um 11:43 but just doing that change like this is 11:45 this is already a very different thing 11:46 for me even though it's mostly the same 11:49 but like those independent 11:53 minor things add up to pretty profound 11:55 differences and like it's super cool and 11:57 super fun to play with and that's the 11:59 other thing is i get to play with this 12:00 now so like i have this other thing and 12:01 it's like 12:02 i thought i knew more about what this 12:04 was gonna be 48 hours ago and now i 12:06 don't 12:07 and like that's cool this is got a 12:09 pretty good idea right it's gonna be me 12:10 talking into a microphone about things 12:13 okay that the check that's gonna happen 12:15 um if not who knows maybe we'll do 12:17 finals 12:19 what would a podcast episode be like 12:21 that was just sign language 12:26 kind of ridiculous question but like 12:27 what would that be 12:29 like so i'm doing these on video 12:32 like so 12:34 would you 12:35 so okay so i'm gonna post these things 12:37 on 12:39 youtube i also figured out that i'm 12:40 going to go on soundcloud and get them 12:41 to i 12:43 phone and android somehow i don't know 12:44 we'll figure all that stuff out 12:45 but 12:47 there is a video component of these 12:49 podcasts 12:51 and again i'm having to expand my 12:54 definition or i have i have expanded it 12:56 took some effort 12:57 um or it took some re-examination 13:00 and re 13:01 expansion 13:03 to 13:04 update my bill my thinking what a 13:06 podcast is 13:08 and what i mean by that specifically is 13:10 to me a podcast is was is mp3s delivered 13:14 over an rss feed 13:15 so as soon as you add video into the mix 13:17 it's not a podcast to me that's a vlog 13:20 but i don't think that's the case 13:21 anymore and like language is shifty and 13:23 moves and like is really fun to watch 13:25 and play with like that but so for me 13:27 i've actually clicked into this idea 13:28 that the video is part is like the video 13:31 is as much the podcast as the mp3 is 13:34 as is the rss feed that's underneath it 13:36 which is actually what tells 13:38 your you know your phone to like go get 13:40 the specific episode that's the the tack 13:42 underneath there um 13:44 another thing i guess i should 13:46 just now's a good time to bring this up 13:48 is 13:49 i'm gonna talk at several different 13:51 levels about technology um i am pretty 13:54 technically adept i do computer 13:55 programming uh 13:57 professionally and um 14:00 personally uh probably i don't know for 14:02 myself and for an organization that pays 14:04 me money to do it um it's not that's not 14:06 my primary role but it is something that 14:08 i do 14:09 so 14:10 and i work on architecture of systems et 14:12 cetera so like i can get 14:14 pretty far down into the technical stuff 14:16 um there are lo there are layers below 14:18 that i can understand if somebody guides 14:20 me but i do not know but i can at least 14:22 figure out what's going on because i 14:23 have enough of the 14:25 um 14:27 i've descended far enough down the 14:28 staircase that if somebody holds my hand 14:30 and has a flashlight they can show me 14:32 around and show me these other things 14:34 that i don't yet know um 14:37 at the same time i don't want this to be 14:39 uh like a tech podcast like this isn't 14:41 gonna be a development podcast this 14:43 isn't gonna be a developer con podcast 14:44 this isn't gonna be me talking about um 14:48 next js that i'm using to do my site 14:50 with the tailwind css system and 14:53 rust and you know cool xml 14:57 xml is probably not really cool these 14:58 days but you know if 15:00 so if someone like if some of the tech 15:03 stuff and it's weird because like who 15:04 like how 15:05 what is my audience who is my audience 15:07 right know your audience 15:09 big old thing in like communication in 15:13 the world in general is like know your 15:15 audience 15:17 so my audience is going to be the people 15:19 who are into this but at the same time 15:22 if you're into whatever this is or if 15:24 you're into this thing if you're into 15:26 the pot of allen which is apparently 15:27 what i'm calling it now they're not 15:29 they're not apparently that's like 15:30 that's what's that is the new name of 15:31 the thing it has been rechristened as 15:33 the pot of allen because i've got the id 15:34 of allen the site of ellen the bot of 15:37 alan it's just like that's that is 15:39 turned into my um 15:41 uh 15:42 i don't want to use the word brand 15:43 because that sounds super corporaty but 15:45 like it's my 15:46 nomenclature for things 15:49 but 15:51 if you're 15:52 if you're into parts of this but other 15:54 parts of it you're not just ignore them 15:56 especially the techie stuff like i'm 15:57 going to crack wise on tech stuff 15:58 sometimes 16:00 because 16:02 that is that like i i live in that world 16:05 so that's the thing but like if i start 16:06 cracking jokes about xml and like you 16:09 don't get it like it is not 16:12 if i could if i could talk to each one 16:14 of you individually i would know whether 16:15 or not to gauge that or to throw that 16:16 joke in 16:17 i don't have that capability yet um 16:19 maybe through ai and machine learning we 16:21 can figure that stuff out with all bunch 16:23 of if-then statements and 16:25 make some determinations but for now i 16:27 just have to kind of do this to the 16:29 audience 16:30 that is the people who are into the 16:33 thing but like they're not all gonna hit 16:34 and also some of them are going to be 16:36 just bad jokes and not funny anyways but 16:38 like 16:38 discounting that if there's a thing you 16:40 don't understand don't worry about it 16:41 tweet at me if you don't understand a 16:44 thing or google it because you can also 16:45 probably find it out but like 16:47 i would be happy to 16:49 amusingly i would be happy to explain 16:51 xml jokes um that said 16:54 i also have to recognize that there is 16:57 the billionth percentile chance 17:00 that 17:01 non-trivial amounts of people listen to 17:02 this so 17:05 maybe don't always they'll tweet at me 17:07 um 17:08 hopefully i i kind of hope that's a 17:09 problem i kind of hope that's not a 17:10 problem right you're gonna get both of 17:12 those things but like if this if i do 17:14 this for another two years 17:16 and any number of people get it and 17:18 collect over time like that could be a 17:20 decent number of people um 17:23 i so like opening up a communication and 17:25 so this is this is one of the things 17:26 that's weird to think about too right 17:28 and so not not just for me but just for 17:30 any of us like if we do a thing 17:32 that puts us in public 17:36 like 17:37 there are very direct lines of 17:38 communications to us in public now like 17:40 how how does one deal 17:43 with that because like right now ain't 17:45 no problem 17:46 no big thing but like 17:48 any like moving into and up to the 17:51 celebrity and not talking about like pop 17:53 culture celebrities but talking about 17:55 like 17:56 a celebrity in your field so 17:58 no matter what you do i expect that 18:01 there is some person out there who 18:04 if they're speaking at a conference 18:05 you're like ooh i would like to go to 18:06 that conference to hear that person talk 18:08 about the thing that they're doing um 18:10 and i'm talking now more a bit of a 18:12 professional thing i recognize that i'm 18:13 kind of making a 18:15 judgment jump here or 18:17 uh 18:18 not a judgment jump a 18:20 something jump i don't know cause like i 18:22 but here actually here's the question i 18:24 i don't know enough 18:25 i'm gonna give i'm gonna step in stuff 18:26 by the way all the time um 18:29 but my guess is there are people out 18:30 there that you'd like to go see there 18:31 are some amount of celebrity that are 18:33 outside of the top level of celebrity 18:35 also i need an eject button for when i 18:37 kind of start wrapping myself down a 18:39 wormhole that i can't figure out to get 18:40 out of so like but i don't want to have 18:42 a cheesy eject sound but like i'm just 18:44 going to say i'm going to eject um 18:48 but yeah so like 18:50 i don't know 18:51 if it becomes surprising 18:53 here's i guess here's here's the 18:54 interesting thing about 18:57 permanent media and i'm using permanent 18:59 with you know an asterix on it that 19:01 nothing is but 19:04 if we so like again i'm in this i'm in 19:06 this head space because i'm looking back 19:07 at blog posts from 15 years ago and like 19:10 so if i had said 15 years ago hey 19:13 i've written this post that's telling 19:15 you how to do this particular thing in 19:17 this particular programming language 19:19 if you don't understand it reach out to 19:21 me 19:22 cool 19:24 that that's 15 years plus however much 19:27 longer i'm alive and the site stays 19:28 alive 19:29 that 19:31 that question or that offer is open 19:35 and like that's kind of staggering 19:39 so maybe don't tweet at me 19:42 but maybe do i don't know like 19:44 and again i'm thinking about this in my 19:46 perspective right because we we tend to 19:47 think about our the world through our 19:48 own filters but like just the 19:50 staggeringness of like leaving um 19:52 leaving a message doing a thing out in 19:54 public 19:56 and making a statement and then having 19:58 that statement 20:01 not 20:03 dissipate with the echoes of time 20:07 like that's 20:08 that's not a thing 20:12 that 20:13 was in the power 20:14 of all but the fewest of human beings 20:18 for all but the briefest time period of 20:21 history and and now we all have it 20:25 so easily 20:27 and like it's just 20:29 i i don't know if we still have 20:33 and i'm not saying yay or nay i'm saying 20:35 i don't know if we have fully 20:39 not comprehended but adapted or like 20:42 rolled into the world where like that's 20:45 ins that's our 20:47 internal knowledge of the thing is how 20:49 that stuff works i mean it's something 20:51 we can't have right because like 20:54 my generation did not have 20:56 front ends and purposes the internet so 20:59 or phones so like 21:02 three generations from now will actually 21:04 be able to look at people and say okay 21:07 can you see the difference or how does 21:09 it feel to live in this world you all 21:11 know it because you've already you've 21:12 always already all lived in it 21:14 but 21:17 the people and some of us of of this 21:19 particular 21:21 being aliveness like right now 21:24 regardless of your age 21:26 to degree if you're eight probably can't 21:27 really 21:28 do this um comparison yet because you're 21:32 you've seen phones and ipads since you 21:34 were born but like 21:37 the generational stuff being able to 21:38 watch to be able to see both sides of it 21:41 like 21:42 it's just interesting and like i then 21:44 this is not a get off my lawn kind of 21:45 thing this is just like oh that's 21:47 interesting it was this and now it's 21:48 that 21:49 and also recognizing that like these 21:51 some of these things are new in a way 21:53 particularly that we may not have really 21:55 thought about with them being new yet 21:57 like we may not get the newness of the 21:59 idea um for another generation or two 22:03 i have no idea i got on that out of 22:05 starting out with a podcast um but so 22:11 that that that i tell you what that'll 22:12 do it for now um i'm trying to figure 22:14 out how long to make these things run uh 22:16 there's 22:17 i can't actually see a timer right now 22:18 so it's fine but 22:21 that's a little bit of what's gonna 22:22 happen i will settle down on these a 22:24 little bit more as we get through them 22:25 like this is still 22:26 [Music] 22:27 this still feels new to me even though 22:29 it's a thing that i've been doing 22:31 a version of for a while but it still 22:33 has the newness of it um also i do get 22:36 that 22:37 hyped up a lot so like that's kind of 22:40 how this stuff is gonna roll um 22:42 sometimes yeah sometimes an a but often 22:44 slightly less 22:47 uh tempo'd i guess uh paste 22:50 what's allegro what's the name of um 22:52 what's the name of the music 22:54 allegro i think 22:56 there's an a word 22:58 for music that means going fast 23:01 i think might be a lego whatever 23:03 i can remember forte piano allegro and 23:05 then i can't remember what the slow 23:06 tempo is whatever music words so 23:10 that'll run for now um 23:12 you all have a good one take it easy be 23:13 kind we will see you next time until 23:16 then 23:16 uh 23:18 be kind 23:19 cheers